The ABCs of DAOs: What is a DAO?

The wave of cryptocurrency has caused an uptick in the popularity of DAOs. This has led to some companies receiving over $100 million in funding to certify their DAO process.

But, what is a DAO, and how does it work? This short guide will give you all the ins and outs of what you need to know about how DAOs work.

What Is a DAO?

What is a decentralized autonomous organization? DAOs are similar to any traditional-style organization. But, unlike traditional companies such as Google, DAOs are full autonomous organizations.

This means that the company operates independently, free of any human interaction or intervention in the process. The owners or creators themselves remove themselves from the direct operation.

DAOs act as advanced technological processes that remove the middle man from organizations. The advantage being removing a central human CEO from company regulations.

How Does a DAO Work?

The DAO process is not as simple as it sounds. The DAO process is run by programming code. Sometimes, this is an open-source code regulating the process.

It comprises a collection of written smart contracts. In essence, a group of developers gathers to write out the code of the autonomous operation. The DAO code is open-source allowing a community of developers to improve upon it.

This can be to combat a company’s centralized operation or to ensure an entrepreneur’s business endeavor is realized. Upon release, the DAO can operate autonomously, hence the name.

The creators can build interconnectivity between a series of smart contracts on an open blockchain, like Ethereum. These contracts can trigger invoices collecting certified payments or interacting with individuals. The profit or action within the program can fix any outside maintenance within the organization.

Cryptocurrency Regulation

When it comes to cryptocurrency regulation, DAOs can help build these contracts. It allows an intricate process to have efficient rules and regulations.

The DAO can react to the shifting state of the market in real-time. Human intervention cannot consistently regulate, so these smart contracts can take care of business at all hours.

In Cryptocurrency, a series of tokens can have value and accurate distribution. The DAO can improve upon price adjustments and evolve the currency. DAOs can also pay developers using cryptocurrency while allowing DAOs to regulate the process.

The developers of Ethereum were known to invest in DAOs. What we know as Ethereum today is based upon experimentations in DAOs. Learn more about the first legally recognized DAO to further understand the process.

DAO & the Future of Cryptocurrencies

DAOs allow us to run companies involved in cryptocurrencies. They can regulate these processes with efficiency decreasing human error.

It is an effective way to ensure the regulations and valuation of cryptocurrencies. The potential of perfecting these organizations can yield great results in the future.

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