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The 7 Best Ways To Increase Organic Traffic With Email Marketing

Email marketing can do more than help you find and engage with new customers. It can also improve your search engine rankings. For that you can hire a best Email Marketing Services provider for business or brands. 

There’s no doubt that it is the backbone of your career, but it can also be the bane.

The modern world would be impossible without it, whether it’s calling to targets in the office across the hall or on a beach vacation abroad.

We’re talking about email marketing, of course.

Although it is typically a softer sell than other types of marketing, it offers an incredible ROI of $36 for every dollar spent.

The question is, what exactly is it?

A commercial message is sent via email, typically to a group of recipients, according to Wikipedia.

Any email sent to a potential or existing customer could be considered email marketing. It involves sending advertisements, requesting business, or soliciting sales or donations.”

In digital marketing, this means directing recipients to websites, either for more information, to make a purchase, or to do something else.

To put it another way, traffic is the name of the game.

Are you able to boost your organic traffic with email marketing? Of course!

Search engine optimization (SEO) includes off-page factors such as social media shares and backlinks.

Search engines like Google and Bing will also rank your site based on the quality of your traffic.

Through effective email marketing, all of these can be encouraged.

Let’s answer the $10,000 question: How do you drive traffic with email marketing?

The following seven tips will help you increase website traffic:

1. Target With Accuracy

It’s a dirty word in online marketing to talk about bounce rates.

While email bounce rate exists (emails that were returned by the recipient’s server), what matters to digital marketers is website bounce rate, or the percentage of people who leave your site without taking any action.

If you’ve bought or compiled your list, you should already have some basic information about your audience, which will allow you to run highly targeted campaigns.

If you want to increase traffic to your website, your email campaign should target people who are genuinely interested in your content, either because they have expressed some interest in the past or because your content can solve their current problems.

Having these visitors spend more time on your site signals to search engines that you are a valuable resource, which will result in Google increasing your ranking.

2. Understand User Intent

If your email targets are opening your emails, it’s because you are offering them something of value and you are sending them something relevant.

User intent can be divided into three main types, and email marketing can be used for all of them:

  • Navigational – in which a user is trying to get to a certain site, in which case, congratulations, job done.
  • Informational – where a user is looking for information.
  • Transactional – when a user is prepared to buy or take another online action.

The concept of search engine optimization is probably familiar to you if you’re also responsible for your organization’s SEO.

Get in touch with whoever is and ask them what long-tail keywords or descriptive searches are driving visitors to your site.

You can then use these to craft email messages that will resonate with your audience.

Content that addresses user needs helps weed out low-quality visitors, improving your SEO through an increase in quality traffic.

3. Use Newsletters With Exclusive Content

Knowing what your target audience wants can help you create content that addresses their needs.

A regular newsletter with exclusive content keeps your brand at the top of consumers’ minds.

Sending out relevant emails weekly or monthly establishes your brand’s value and reputation as a thought leader.

You can mine your company blog for content that your audience won’t find elsewhere. And if they click on the “read more” in your newsletter, they’re going to your website, which is exactly what you want.

4. Integrate Email And Social Media

Despite being useful on their own, email marketing and social media marketing are even more effective when combined.

Make use of your social media presence to encourage followers to subscribe to your email list.

By doing this, you will not only build rapport, but you will also be able to personalize your communications.

Email recipients can cross-promote their content by including “Share” tags.

To engage customers, you can also use incentive-based referrals, such as “Follow us on Facebook for 10% off” or “Share this link with a friend for an exclusive ebook.”

Sending out emails like this can increase your website’s traffic and search engine rankings.

5. Personalize Your Email Content

How likely is it that an email message with a generic opening like “Dear customer” will get a better response than one saying “Jeff, we have a special deal just for you!” (assuming you’re Jeff, otherwise that would be weird).

If you’re a marketer, you probably already know: personalized emails are more likely to be opened and clicked when they include the recipient’s name.

You should take advantage of segmentation if you want your emails to have the greatest impact.

If you divide your list into smaller groups based on specific criteria, you can provide more relevant content.

Consider running an email campaign for a computer store that sells both Macs and PCs.

Your content will be more relevant to recipients if you segment your list according to Macs or PCs.

If you do a shotgun approach, you run the risk of becoming annoying and driving unsubscribes because the number of people interested in both is probably minimal.

In addition, even if your audience doesn’t open your email, your brand name will be in their minds, so the next time they do a web search, they’ll remember you.

6. Conduct A/B Testing With SEO Keywords

A/B testing should be used in your email campaigns just as it is with your landing pages and other content, as we discussed briefly in number two.

Test out different versions of emails using SEO keywords to determine which performs best.

Make sure the subject line, preview text, and body copy of your website contain the most popular search terms for your brand.

A great thing about this is that it works in reverse as well. Getting good results with a specific keyword in emails? Add it to your SEO terms and you’ll drive traffic.

7. Ask For Reviews

While every brand will claim to be the best in its field, consumers know this and take it with a grain of salt.

On the other hand, reviews have a greater influence on decisions because they validate your marketing claims.

Reviews are read by 98% of consumers. People tend to trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Smart marketers like you know that email marketing is a great way to reach them.

The best time to send them is post-purchase when the customer’s mind is still fresh on your solution.

Make your email easy to read by adding links to review sites. Keep it short and you’re much more likely to get a response.

Asking for reviews is especially helpful if you’re doing email marketing for a small business. Not only will they boost your ranking in local search results, but customers will also feel good about helping someone in their neighborhood.

Email Marketing And SEO Go Hand-In-Hand

All of your digital marketing channels are part of a much larger campaign.

By taking a holistic approach, you can use each to your advantage and make them more effective.

Driving more qualified traffic to your website will be easier if you improve the quality of your email marketing.

Also, you can direct your targets to specific pages to increase the likelihood of them converting by engaging with your content.

You can also boost your credibility by sending your content via email, which attracts more shares and visitors. This will also encourage other sites to backlink to your content.

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