Text Messages to Intrigue Your Ex

Most people will have a certain number of partners and love relationships until you finally click with the right one. Until then, they will probably go through some breakups. One of them might even be with people they recognized as their ‘meant-to-be.’

There is no rule on how to identify a soul mate, but here are a few hints:

Ending a relationship can happen for many reasons. But if they’re not too significant, maybe it’s a good idea to try again. Small tiffs are not always a bad thing, so as a break in your relationship. That can give you a chance to look at things from a new perspective.

Text messages are a handy method to re-introduce yourself to your ex after deciding you want them back. It is a non-invasive way to get their attention without going face-to-face. You can use this method to make your former partners reexamine their feelings for you.

When to Text Your Ex

There are situations when re-establishing contact is okay, but also those when that’s not desirable. For example, if you broke up with harsh words, insults, and quarrels, and you didn’t smooth the things after that, getting in touch again is not a good thing. But a civilized breakup leaves just enough room for another attempt.

You can initiate a fresh start if you haven’t been in contact with your ex for a while (a desirable tactic of winning someone back). A text message is an appropriate way to do this. It gives you some sense of security, as you won’t feel bad if your former partner doesn’t answer your call or behave rudely, etc. If they don’t reply to your first text, there’s no need to send others.

But if you get the text back, even if it’s just a short one, you still have a chance. But texting your ex is a potential minefield if you don’t do that right. So you could use some handy tips on how to intrigue your ex-lovers and awake their interests again.

Use Short Texts

If you feel a strong desire for your ex-partner, you might be tempted to send them endless texts. No matter the reason for a breakup, don’t do that. Long texts will only annoy the other side. So don’t go overboard and spam their inboxes.

There’s no need to write about the past or everything that’s on your mind these days. Instead, try to be concise and focus on some general things. You should spark your exes’ interest, not to annoy them even more.

No Emotions

After a breakup, you should cool down and let your emotions subside. The same thing happens with the other party, so give them some time and space. ‘Bombarding’ your ex-partner with outbursts of emotion and heartbreaking messages can be counterproductive.

You must know what to write instead of ‘I miss you,’ or ‘I still love you.’ The message content is of utmost importance to determine your further course of action. It’s good to keep some distance and not reveal yourself entirely. You just need to ‘throw a bait’ with something friendly yet not too intrusive.

Try a simple ‘Hey, how’s it going? I just saw your sister, and she told me about your promotion. Congrats!’ It’s short, sounds neutral, and has a hint of your joy for their success. If you just get a ‘thank you,’ don’t be clingy anymore. But if the reply to your message sounds optimistic and contains a question, the bait has succeeded.

Use Inside Jokes

Humor and creativity are always a good combination (find out why at this page). If you and your ex-lover had some internal quips, use them as a conversation starter. Regardless of the subject, remember to keep the text tone casual and light. The other side will feel your positive vibes and respond better than when you’re too serious.

For example, your ex has a grumpy colleague who never greets anyone on the street. Try with ‘Hey, I just saw a Grumpy Henry, and he said ‘hi ‘to me. Is he okay?’ This way, you can make your ex laugh and think of you and the great times you had together.

Use Nostalgia Wisely

The use of nostalgia in messages can be a double-edged sword. Remembering the beautiful moments is a powerful way to evoke some emotions. Still, if you exaggerate just a little, your ex can withdraw due to pressure.

You can say something like, ‘I watched the Nicks yesterday and remembered those great hotdogs we ate in the hall. And that lady who spilled her popcorns on us. How have you been?’ So you shared this moment and remembered it as funny. Since it arouses the same emotions in you, it can encourage further conversation.

A Sparkle of Jealousy

Show your ex you are well and successful but in a subtle way. If you play well, you can cause a small dose of envy because they are no longer in your life.

‘Hey, I just booked Miami for a weekend. What was the name of the seafood restaurant with great shrimps we planned to visit?’

This kind of texts to get your ex back fast can provoke a lot of reactions. You wanted to visit Miami together, and now you go alone. Then, your ex may be intrigued by who you are going with. Are you taking someone there for a romantic weekend? Or you go there to meet someone? This message can arouse a small dose of jealousy, which may make your ex think about you again.

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