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Taskrabbit Clone Development Features and Cost Analysis

Among all the on-demand service provider apps, there is an app ‘TaskRabbit’ that is getting famous among people for providing home services. Various ventures are looking for their business to grow and want the assistance of organizations providing such on-demand app development services. To get a clone app of TaskRabbit, here are details you need to know about taskrabbit clone development- 

What is TaskRabbit?


Taskrabbit Clone Development

TaskRabbit and Taskrabbit clone apps provide a platform for taskers and task seekers simultaneously. It is an online marketplace where people can find every sort of daily services and even jobs like house cleaning, gardening, rearranging the wardrobe, heavy lifting, arrangements of things, etc. 

If you are a tasker or a person who wants service, you can get that all here. You only have to register on the app via your phone number or email or any social media account. And then, you can find various services as per your needs.

Features to Include in a TaskRabbit Clone App


Here are the must-have features of a Taskrabbit clone script-


An on-demand service app should have a marketplace, and there should be provided with a list of services to users in the opening screen. After opening the app, users will get redirected to various individual categories, and they can choose services from them.

Make Review and Ratings

Users should be able to leave reviews and ratings as per the experience; they got while taking the services. It plays a significant part in the entire booking procedure and increasing the user base. 


Service providers should be able to see all the bookings; they have and also the right to accept it or cancel the booking.

In-app Payment 

In a Taskrabbit clone script, you can give options to users to pay for their services within the app. It will be more secure, and users will get engaged with your app.

Booking History

This function will have details about all the current and previous bookings and also; the amount you have paid to service providers.

In-app Chat

Service providers and users both should have this option to stay connected in real-time via this facility. It will provide them with an encrypted and safe platform to connect.

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Push Notifications

Alerting the app users regarding any new offer or services via notifications will be beneficial for service providers. It will keep them aware and engaged.

Cost of Taskrabbit Clone Development


To Create an app like ttaskrabbit the overall cost depends upon the varied aspects like app design, Operating system, and features. If you are taking app development services in India then the cost will be less than taking services from western countries. So, as per considering all the aspects, we have estimated that the cost of developing a Taskrabbit clone script will be from $10,000 to $35,000. 


If you are interested in developing an on-demand home services app, consider these above-mentioned points, and you will get an appropriate TaskRabbit clone app that suits your requirements. You can also approach a professional and experienced developer for this!    

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