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Tallest Waterfall in the USA – Get ready to be mesmerized by stunning natural wonder!

There are few sights on our planet Earth which are simply bewitching and will keep you awe-inspired endlessly. And, the beautiful, imposing waterfalls are just one of them! The umpteen cascading bodies of water are picturesque, powerful, and yet sometimes dangerous too. If you want to see some of these marvellous creations of nature then plan to book flights to North America at fabulous discounts with FlyOfinder now. You will find hundreds of waterfalls in this most powerful continent alone. These waterfalls are of many kinds, shapes and configurations. Does Niagara Falls after all need any introduction? It probably doesn’t as everyone must have heard about the world-famous Niagara Falls cascading at volumes of more than 3,000 tons of water per second. Let’s get acquainted with the tallest waterfall in North America and see how best it can be explored.

Yosemite Falls – Exploring Tallest Waterfall in North America

The Yosemite Valley in the State of California is home to Yosemite Falls, the tallest waterfall in the USA. In fact, planning a vacation to North America and visiting the Yosemite Valley is absolutely the best thing you will be doing. Get ready to visit the haven for gob-smacking waterfalls where you will come across the Yosemite Falls comprising of cascades and multiple plunges. It stands tall at a majestic 2,425 feet and undeniably the tallest in the USA currently.

Characteristics of Yosemite Falls

There are three major stages of Yosemite Falls. The Upper Fall is the first stage. It plunges at 1,430-foot and is the mightiest of them all. The Middle Cascades is the second stage and plunges down at a height of 675 feet. The Lower Fall is the third and final stage dropping down at 320 feet height. The cumulative drop of 2,425 feet makes Yosemite Falls the tallest in North America as well as one of the world’s highest waterfalls as well. By virtue of facing towards a wide open valley, the Yosemite Falls is also one of the easiest to see and access from various locations. It’s no wonder that the Yosemite Falls has become a prime attraction for millions of tourists from world over the world.

Best Time to visit Yosemite Falls

The Yosemite Creek primarily feeds the Yosemite Falls draining a very large area of the High Country spanning 43 square miles. Most of the waters of the falls are provided from the accumulated snow from winter storms. The best time for visiting the Yosemite Falls is during spring and early summer when the warmer climate melts the snow into liquid water and the flows of the falls are most vigorous. The peak of the snowmelt is during the early- to mid-Spring months especially during low snowpack years, while the month of June sees the peak of the snowmelt during high snow pack years. The waterfall however dries up when the snow pack has melted away completely by mid- to late-Summer. The cycle is repeated with the falls remaining bare and brought back to life during the next round of snowfall in the late autumn or winter months.

How best to experience Yosemite Falls in different ways

The Yosemite Falls can be experienced and enjoyed in a variety of ways. You can get close to Yosemite Falls by walking to the base of the Lower Falls. You can begin your walk from Yosemite Lodge right across the Northside Drive, which is roughly a quarter-mile. Both the Upper Fall and Lower Fall can be best viewed from the paved walkway. Seeing the giant waterfall is awesome indeed and a sight to behold.

Consider hiking to the top of the Upper Falls to experience Yosemite Falls. This is though tiresome as you are expected to do about 7.2 miles roundtrip with elevation gain of about 2,700 feet. You will need to be strong and sturdy. You will need lots of stamina and need to bring enough water and sunscreen along with you. Most of the hike will be exposed to the sun as the trail will be on the south-facing cliffs of Yosemite Valley.

The Swinging Bridge is yet another location to experience Yosemite Falls. It’s a vantage point for photographing enthusiasts. The reflection of the falls in the Merced River from the sturdy footbridge is fantastic. You can spend some time staying and enjoying this beautiful spot.

Enjoy viewing Yosemite Falls from across a meadow. The Upper Fall can be seen from a distance at an angle over the grassy meadows in easternmost Yosemite Valley. The Cook Meadow especially offers a more intimate experience.

If you are looking for a natural adventure then the breathtaking Yosemite Falls is one of the best places to explore and enjoy. Why wait further? Buy airline tickets to North America now and embark on a dream vacation right away!

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