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Steps and tips for setting up a CrossFit box

Setting up a professional CrossFit box to get performance and profitability requires being very clear about which audience you are targeting and how you can offer them a good service. Having adequate space and making a good choice of materials is essential to attract the public and maintain their interest over time. When their results come in, yours will improve. Not only will they feel more involved but they will become prescribers of your box.
To set up a CrossFit box at home you just have to take into account your preferences. When you consider how to set up a professional CrossFit box, you must take into account how important it is that the client has a variety of materials for their training. Watch training videos at kissanime
1. Know well what a CrossFit box is and what it consists of
Knowledge is essential for making good decisions. This way you can make informed and intelligent choices and not be guided by intuition or chance.

2. Determine and distribute the budget to set up a CrossFit box
The question is not so much how much does it cost to set up a CrossFit box but what budget do you have to do it? Knowing this you will be able to determine which part will go to the purchase or rental of the premises, to taxes and supplies such as electricity and water, to the fitting of changing rooms if necessary or to personnel. And, of course, how much to the material.
Keep in mind that both space and the material are key for people to come or not to your box. You can give very good service but if they don’t try it, they won’t know. So it is essential that they are attracted to your proposal. That from the first moment they perceive that it is the ideal box for their training and, therefore, for the achievement of their objectives.
In this sense, space and materials are key to setting up an attractive CrossFit box that provides you with a good economic performance based on the budget you have.

3. Apply for permits and licenses
It is a fundamental part of setting up a CrossFit box and preventing the start of its start-up from being prolonged. You will need those to start an activity such as those related to the CrossFit affiliate license.

4. Find out about grants and subsidies
Chambers of commerce, town halls, councils, etc. they can offer aid and grants to entrepreneurship. Find out if you can qualify for any of them. They will help you start a profitable CrossFit box to get the performance you want.

5. Look for qualified personnel and choose the material
If space and material are key to attracting the public at first, this is essential for customers to be satisfied. Basically, that clients meet their objectives in a way depend on two issues:

The material choice for CrosFit.
The CrossFit coach and how he delivers his sessions.
6. Differentiate your offer and make yourself known
Creating a brand, a logo, making yourself known, showing what a CrossFit box is and why it is interesting for the audience you want to reach are some of the steps necessary to start this professional activity successfully.
Are there other CrossFit boxes in your area? Try to differentiate yourself from your competitors by including different and more attractive materials, within your budget. In any case, offer something different that makes the public perceive you as a better choice for their workouts.

What materials to choose to assemble a CrossFit box
The main point when building a profitable CrossFit box is the choice of material.

Medicine balls and powerbag
set up a medicine ball crossfit box

Several models of different sizes. With and without handles. Like a Slam Ball medicine ball of different weights, medicine balls with grip in various weights and a 5Kg powerbag.


Evaluate the space available to your box and the good performance of multifunctional options such as the PowerTec Power Rack with Bench + Disks + Bar) or the same brand Bench + Discs + Bar + High and Low Pulley.


Kettlebell weights or kettlebells
set up a crossfit box weights kettlebells

Essential variety of sizes and weights to assemble a CrossFit box with an attractive offer for the customer. These are necessary to work different exercises and muscle groups from different fitness states.
You can purchase a premium Kettlebell Rack Set to ensure a complete offering and a professional image. Or loose rubber kettkebekks if your budget is tight.


Bars, weight plates, and dumbbells
To optimize budget and space you can use bars in which to put different functional discs. Rubber Bumper Discs and Bumper Promax Discs in different weights are good choices.
Dumbbell sets such as the Titanium Strength Set Dumbbells 2,5- 25Kg + Horizontal Support 10 pairs D2250 or the Tunturi Dumbbell Set 1-10kg + Vertical Rack, cheaper and for smaller spaces, are excellent choices.


Plyometric boxes or box jump
ride a crossfit box jump box

Essential for safely and efficiently executing the popular box jump exercise. Wooden models such as the AFW 50X60X70CM or the AFW 15-30-45-60-75CM plyometric platform kit are ideal for setting up a crossfit box.


Tires or wheels
They are used for a wide variety of CrossFit exercises. Essential. ride a tractor wheel crossfit box


Functional ropes and warps
set up a crossfit box at home jump ropes

Essential. Make a varied choice. It is an inexpensive and essential material for a CrossFit box. Models like the GoFit fast rope or the Lifeline very strong resistance rope are good options.


Functional TRX
Essential for suspension training. A good TRX20 Support and a TRX PRO Suspension Training Kit will allow you to perform a wide variety of suspension exercises.


Training bags
Very versatile in functional training. The AFX training bag offers a great value for money.


Cages or racks to mount a CrossFit box
riding a crossfit box girl in cage or rack lifting weights

Its use in Crossfit training is very versatile. And the very varied offer. From the complete home crossfit box cages to the professionals of brands such as the Bodytone squat or the Body Solid squat rack.

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