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Staff Augmentation: Importance, Services, Reasons, and Challenges

Nowadays, you may perceive a lot about IT staff augmentation services. The internet is bombarded with a lot of information regarding staff augmentation companies and services. But why is that so? 

To be precise, there are numerous reasons which imply the importance of having staff augmentation services aboard. Especially if you have multiple projects looming ahead or your workforce requires professional expertise for the time being to tackle some serious projects. 

In this article, we will shed light on staff augmentation services. For instance, what it is, its types, its importance, benefits of deploying these services, and challenges that could occur while recruiting them. 

Ready to dig in? Let’s roll on!

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation, on the whole, is one of the most remarkable yet beneficial outsourcing methods used by mid-sized or large-scale businesses to tackle their business needs. 

In other words, staff augmentation is a process in which expert and skilled personnel are hired by firms to manage specific business tasks or projects. 

Currently, thriving businesses, such as IT companies, are recruiting IT staff augmentations services. The reason is that the IT industry constantly evolves and deals with high-volume, bigger projects, and because of that, they are in need of experienced experts onboard. 

To put it simply, businesses partnered with IT staff augmentation services in order to accomplish short-term goals. 

Overall, staff augmentation experts assist businesses in achieving their projects’ needs timely and proficient. 

Importance of staff augmentation 

Staff augmentation has gained immense popularity in the past few years. There are tons of reasons that indicate the importance of onboarding staff augmentation. 

The biggest and most prominent advantage is that it’s cost-effective and a time-saving method. 

Other than that, this technique acts like a bridge between available short-term positions in IT companies and an accessible talent pool with an incredible skillset. 

Additionally, with this method, businesses can easily discover the right talent based on their workforce needs.  

Currently, this method is highly serviceable by every other business, irrespective of the size and the business niche. 

This method took the attention of business experts and market opportunists during the time of the global pandemic when everyone was confined to their homes, and there was no way out to function in-house activities. 

Over a decade, this model has attained fame, and now it has been used all across the globe as compared to other traditional hiring models. If you’re also searching for exceptional IT staff augmentation services, you can go for app developers in San Francisco in this regard.  

Types of staff augmentation

Staff augmentation, in general, is divided into two main categories short-term and long-term. However, it’s also categorized in further three distinct categories. Have a look at them.


This type is beneficial when you only require a professional team for your workforce rather than skillful experts in managing your business activities. 

The major responsibilities that these experts are accountable for in this category are basic labor work, organizing local events and activities, simple and handy maintenance, and other uncomplicated tasks that don’t require hardcore expertise. 


In this category, the individuals come with a specific skill set. Though, that level of skill set is not that crucial and critical. 

Some of the jobs that come in this category are; data processing, cyber security, data analytics, and other less-complicated short-term operations.  


This type entails experts that are competent and skillful enough to tackle all the challenging tasks effectively and deliberately. Besides, in this type, the individuals that are involved have years of experience and training. 

Most of the jobs that come under this category are; engineering work, designing, development, copywriting, social media handling, digital marketing, and much more. 

Which services are included in staff augmentation?

In general, the most eminent and common IT staff augmentation services include;

  • Front-end and Back-end development 
  • Data Analytics 
  • Test automation 
  • UI/UX
  • Quality Assurance and maintenance services 
  • Product management 
  • Data Science 
  • Cyber security and Support services

Reasons to deploy staff augmentation experts for your business

Depending upon the requirements of the businesses, staff augmentation services lie in different categories, varying from increasing labor on-site to remotely located experts. 

Thanks to the introduction of staff augmentation services, companies can now easily obtain incredible services without paying wages to full-time employees. 

All in all, there are various exquisite reasons that show how staff augmentation personnel will be beneficial for your business operations. 

Professional Expertise at One Place 

When you add qualified individuals to your team at the peak of their careers, you can confidently delegate responsibilities and project tasks. Mid-career workers with experience are not interns or temps and won’t require much training. 

Simply allocate tasks and projects as needed, and an enhanced staff member or team will be able to produce the outcomes you require quickly. A seasoned expert contributes his own extensive skill set to your project, freeing up your time so you may concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Cost-Effective Services 

Permanent employment is typically not cost-effective if you only need someone for a short period of time, such as a few weeks or months. Even one full-time employee will cost you a lot of money as you need to pay them wages, offer benefits, and pay tax liabilities. 

With augmented staffing, you can hire a specialist as needed without making a costly, prolonged commitment. 

The new Affordable Care Act makes hiring full-time employees more expensive and challenging; however, an augmented staffing agency can help you get around the ACA’s cumbersome rules and high health insurance costs.

Unbiased Opinions and a New Perspective on Tasks

You can gain an unbiased assessment and a new perspective on how things are going by hiring a temporary employee for your business or project. 

An outsider who is only staying for a little time is considerably less likely to become engaged in office politics and quarrels and won’t have any prior allegiances to one in-office group or another.

Specific Skillset Under One Roof 

Temporary workers that just require a certain number of hours of labor are ideal for short-term initiatives. Therefore, staff augmentation services allow firms the opportunity to employ based on certain talents. This enables businesses to hire competent personnel for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full-time salaried specialist. 

Companies can identify the areas or talents where their permanent staff needs assistance and adjust their staff augmentation to fit those needs. It controls expenditures and keeps business operations under control.

Easy and Quicker Scalability 

You can scale your personnel on an affordable basis with staff augmentation. Businesses can scale their operations more quickly than they could if they hired new, full-time employees by cutting expenses while still securing top talent for specific projects. 

The size of an organization’s workload often fluctuates across most industries, making temporary employment the best option for meeting current and upcoming demands on a project-by-project basis. That entails expanding your clientele without compromising the caliber of your work.

Challenges faced while hiring staff augmentation personnel 

Needless to say, there are premium advantages associated with recruiting IT staff augmentation services. You can also hire app developers from San Francisco for your project needs. Hiring expert IT staff augmentation services comes with some challenges.

Let’s discover together.  

Unexpected Goals and Poor Communication 

Poor communication and high expectations are some of the key problems that might occur when hiring IT staff augmentation services. As developers and employers have an equal number of expectations for work placement, this can happen on both ends of the spectrum. 

Thereby, you must be explicit about the daily expectations for the new external team members’ tasks and responsibilities, as well as your expectations for their monthly, quarterly, and annual results. 

Overall, setting goals is essential to controlling expectations. Your remote developers will be able to concentrate and perform more effectively if you have defined objectives and targets in the first place. 

Safety and Security Concerns 

Hiring offshore developers come with significant risks. First and foremost is security concerns. And, with the assistance of IT staff augmentation services, one can easily control safety and security issues. 

Since staffing entails integrating an external team into your internal processes, security vulnerabilities are among the most prevalent challenges when deploying them. 

You must make sure that the remote developers you hire must be competent enough to handle both company’s well-being and clients’ data. Ask your remote development team to sign an NDA as soon as possible in order to avoid any potential security risks later. 

Lack of Institutional Knowledge

Even if your external development team operates entirely remotely, they should be familiar with the business for whom they are providing high-quality work. 

You shouldn’t keep them in the dark about the business’ standard operating processes, development approach, social media usage, mission, and long-term objectives. 

A thorough written document should be used to communicate all of this information to your new developers. You could also arrange a call with them so you can walk them through the material. 

If you don’t impart institutional knowledge upfront, it will result in compromising your requirements later. 

Wrap Up 

To sum up, staff augmentation has taken the world by storm. There is a long list of reasons that indicates why one should deploy experienced IT staff augmentation services for their business needs. 

In the above write-up, we have covered all the vital information regarding staff augmentation services. Also, we have mentioned which location is best to hire specialized staff augmentation services. 

We hope with our article, you may discover all the integral information that would help you decide why and when you should opt for these adept professionals. 

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