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Splendid Beaches Near Alleppey In 2021 for a nice time!

1. Varkala Beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the vicinity of Alleppey, located 10 km from Varkala. Papanasam, too a beach or the player that contributes roughly towards the detractor of sins.’ The breathtaking beauty of the resort is what attract locals both. People from all over the state and the world come here to dip in the waters, saying it cleanses the body of all uncleanness and all sin. The bay is broken out into two pieces. When you are a tourist, you want to go to the north of the beach, famous for its natural mineral spring. You will enjoy anything from sunbathing to spas. The beach appears unclouded during sunsets. It’s the perfect time to take a stroll along the beach to relax the senses in fresh air. You can also try some local dishes at a few restaurants nearby.


2. Muzhappilangad Beach

In the Thalassery district of Kerala, Muzhappilangad Beach is. It turns out to be one of Alleppey’s longest beaches. This beach was always a tourist hot spot. The key attraction of the site is the driving beach that thousands use. You will watch the spectacular views of the sunset while driving through the sandy beach. You’re never going to forget this experience. You should stop driving and visit the nearby restaurants where you can try some of the delicious food. The perfect place to enjoy a family outing is this beach. Besides the natural beauty of the beach, it is popular every year for the beach festival in April. You may be part of the festival when you visit the beach at that time. You will see young people performing motorbike and car stunts and many more during this period. Many foreigners can also be found on the beach, especially during the winter months.


3. Bekal Beach

This is one of Alleppey’s amazing beaches. It stretches over an area of 36 hectares and is commonly used by visitors. The beach is particularly popular with the Bekal Fort. You can see plenty of greenery on the sand, other than that. It is a perfect place to picnic with the stunning sea with its surrounding palm trees. People from not only the country but also from abroad can visit this location. The best time to visit the place is when you get a breathtaking view that is worth every second during sunset. If you want to have a nice time at the beach, then walking is the best choice. You can stay there even after sunset, unlike many other beaches. The beach is lit to encourage tourists to stay as long as they want.

4. Kappad Beach


With his past, Kappad beach is well-known. In the past, the famous explorer Vasco de Gama had it as his destination. The explorer first came to India through Kappad Beach. The beach is today considered one of Alleppey’s most beautiful beaches. Visitors are never untouched by the scenic beauty of the area. You’ll have a serene sense of the sedimentary rocks of thick palm trees. This is the best place to be. You will have a wonderful time on the beach, whether you are traveling with friends or family.Various water sports can be enjoyed at the beach. There’s a lot to entertain you from swimming to boating to beach sports. Some activities such as paragliding, surfing and snorkeling can be enjoyed. You will love it if you are an adventurous man. You will not be bored by the beach, it is assured. With cocoa trees falling,


5. Cherai Beach

It is another famous beach near Alleppey, located 30 km from Kochi. The best location for tourists is the beach at the northern end of Vypin Island. There is no match to the elegance of the beach. The beach is 15 km long and varies significantly from the rest of the beaches. The Arabian Sea’s Princess is also known as Cherai beach. If you are looking for a place to relax, this could be the ideal place to stay. The best time to visit the beach will be in the evening when there are spectacular lights on the shoreline. Also along the beach, you can find a children’s park where you can enjoy your kids. The beach is ideal for adults with water scooters and speedboats. The beach is surrounded by many hotels and resorts. And you can quickly find rooms for yourself if you intend to visit.


6. Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode Beach is a well-known beach near Alleppey, commonly known as Calicut Beach. The stunning orange sunset views of the beach on the Malabar Coast are offered. Near the beach, there’s a big market that can be explored on the way to the beach. It’s one of Calicut’s favorite beaches. Every day a number of visitors crowd the beach to spend a nice time there. You will visit the Lion’s Park and an aquarium around the beach as well as the market. These are perfect places for kids and adults. In the evening, the beach looks incredible as giant waves collide in the distance on the shoreline. Many visitors just visit the beach to enjoy the stunning sunset and sunrise views. You can also see some dolphins during the early hours of the day. This is one of the best locations for photographers and foodies.

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