Spectacular places in Bali for an extra-special First-night- Updated 2020

If you and your precious half desire a fascinating and supernatural special first night, choose Bali as your wedding travel destination. Bali draws a moving picture of several thousands of islands in Indonesia with its subtropical rainbow-like coast, transcending volcanoes, rich green rice fields, and dense wilderness. Its grandeur, rich social contributions, curious customs, and active nightlife make it a particular first-night destination full of vitality, and a wedding destination in Bali worth checking out.

A gem directly on Penida Island-romance with nature

The Jeweled Straight Tower on Beneda Island is one of Bali’s first night’s most touching attractions. Lovebirds have a lot to embrace as they travel on a 64-foot luxury sailboat to the disconnected gem straight stone (named after the turquoise water surrounding it). Taste the delicious barbecue, enjoy the food, and start swimming to explore its bright coral reef.

Mount Batur-extreme universal settings

At dawn, experience the emotional drama in nature and climb to the dynamic fountain of liquid magma at an altitude of 1700 m. An excellent and exciting experience, with its wonderful cavity lakes, natural aquifers, and stunning panoramic views, will shock your mind. End your emotional journey by visiting the troubled Besakih sanctuary and having dinner at the hidden Gunung Batukuru restaurant. Visit Bali by making Jet Blue Reservations and have a memorable first night.

Uluwatu Sanctuary- A heaven for Honeymoon couples

The Uluwatu Sanctuary is located on an unstable bluff, the fascinating dusk. This is the ideal place for you to spend an unforgettable night in the sentimental night. The Bali engineering and outdated models here provide conditions for investigating nearby customs. Moreover, the streets leading to the shelter are beautiful and mysterious in themselves. Therefore, when you might want to learn about Bali culture and enjoy some peaceful time on your special first night, Uluwatu Sanctuary is the ideal place for you.

Canggu-Baby by the Sea

To be honest, this is not the sentimental implied by the movie; this may be the best activity for a honeymoon in Bali! Ride along the beach with your love, cross streams, wander in quiet towns and rice fields, stop for a stop or two in shelters and caves. Canggu is probably the best place to spend an unforgettable night in Bali. You can even dress up as a pony galloping in retro style.

Ubud-home to various Splendid sights

Ubud is our incredible attraction, ranking seventh among Bali resorts. A memorable first night spent in Bali, a pair of unforgettable experiences will provide you and your ideal partner with cooking classes, town visits, decoration workshops, handicraft markets, water boating, and bamboo lessons. The chocolate tour on the big tree ranch will bring you unlimited enthusiasm.

Brazil White Sand Coast-Splash The Sun

One of tBali’slast insider facts, Brazil Puti Coast, will provide you and your accomplices with a free, perfect white coast, allowing you and your accomplices to get some urgently needed extension. Go with the flow, then rent a fishing pontoon from Candidasa to this sickle-shaped paradise and enjoy the nearby community’s raw food. Make your reservations and enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali. You should indeed find it on your special first night. To have more of your time saved, check Air Canada Reservations options to get enough add-ons with your flight, such as hotels, sightseeing guides, etc.

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