Some sharp ends to make your business cards look unique!

Do you want to spread your new business venture across all your contacts? Do you want your clients to see you among the crowd of other companies? The basic business cards can be your comprehensive solution. With the growing technology and digital era, some business people think cards are out of fashion. But the truth is the idea of giving business cards for marketing is an immortal strategy. Business people always carry their business cards in their wallets. It gives them the confidence to speak and the thought that the customer will always come back to them.

If you are a new entrepreneur, printing your details through literature like basic business cards becomes an affordable way of promoting your brand. There are still many other ways to promote your brand through social media but, people favour the tangible method. They are easy to distribute and display during events and exhibitions. You can even add details of your social media accounts on these cards for people to follow you and get updated about your innovations. It leaves a formidable impression on your client when you hand over the cards with the perfect business card etiquettes. Your clients do not have to spend time finding your website or social media accounts to contact you. Business people prefer them over emails, as customers notice the cards better than the mails.

Things to consider before buying your new venture’s business cards

1. Size of the card

Now, the first thing the business persons think is the size of the card to get noticeable. The size should be perfect; one should be able to place them in their wallets or shirt pockets. The card should not be too small; nobody wants them to become a part of some paper trash. When your card is smaller, the words also become smaller, making it difficult to read. Professionals prefer the credit card size for their basic business cards. This size is easy to carry and handle. There is also space to get creative on designing and adding all the required information.

2. Information to add

A business card should provide all contact information required by the client. Some clients may not find it comfortable to call you, whereas some may want to talk to you over the phone. People may even prefer a direct visit to your office to finalise their order. So a business card should first contain the full name of your enterprise and its logo. Then, the address and contact number. Remember to add an alternate contact number for more convenience if you get too busy with your calls. Also, add your name and designation. One can also add QR codes; they direct your clients to your website while scanning them. Do not crowd your card with too many details. Your card details must be crisp and easy to locate and contact you. You can use both flanks of the card, but single side printing makes it look legit.

3. Number of cards per box

Ask your card printing company about the number of business cards per box. Some companies offer no minimum printing numbers. This option makes it easy for new card users; who do not know how much and where to use them. The number of cards you require depends on your networking ability, number of events to attend, people you contact, etc. Always buy extra cards; to make sure you do not run short when you need them.

4. Designing

Design according to your brand and customers. Do not go with the full coverage option, as people prefer jotting down the required information quick and easy. If you have multiple enterprises that relate to one another, you can use both sides of the card to print details about your sister firm. If you are working on two irrelevant ventures, you can print two separate cards for each firm.

 5. Finishes

There are different types of finishes done on a business card. They include a matte finish, glossy, Spot UV, embossed, foil stamped, etc. You can try all creative ways that are relevant to your brand.

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