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Travel and Leisure


It is said that “to travel is to live”. When you’ve never done it, traveling alone can be scary, or at least arouse some very legitimate apprehensions.

Traveling opens your mind, your heart, your eyes. It enables you to see the beautiful places of the world and the beautiful nature from your heart. Traveling always makes one a better person. It is also said that  “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Traveling has also a positive and happier impact on one’s mood.

4 good reasons to take a solo traveling

But once you live the experience, you realize that there are many advantages to choosing the single player mode to discover the world .

Have time for yourself

Going on a trip in a group or even just as a couple certainly has undeniable advantages, but it is sometimes difficult to find yourself really alone with time for yourself.

And this is precisely one of the main advantages of traveling alone: ​​you can afford to really take time for yourself , to do some introspection work if you feel like it or just do nothing , which is so pleasant. and beneficial from time to time.

Get out of your comfort zone

We all know this famous comfort zone in which we like to bask. And this is all the more true when you are comfortably on vacation, in an all-inclusive hotel for example, where everything is planned for your well-being. Sometimes, however, people want to leave this area and travel “differently”. Do not foresee everything all the time, leave room for a form of improvisation. Not knowing in advance what will be the next city where you will sleep and leaving it to chance. Do not plan the activities to do on site, but rather choose them at the last moment, according to your feelings or the advice of the locals.

Getting out of your comfort zone doesn’t mean putting yourself in danger, but trying a different mode of travel, which is likely to be very rewarding. And in itself, solo travel is a pretty direct way to leave it.

To discover yourself

The expression “being alone, facing yourself” takes on its full meaning when you travel alone. You cannot rely on the organizers of a group trip or your travel companions. We are the ones who make the decisions and we must bear the consequences.

It’s a way to discover yourself, in the sense that you discover your ability to manage loneliness, stress, the unexpected, your independence and many other qualities that will come out… or not!Go at your own pace
Among the disadvantages of making group trips, we find in the foreground the fact of having to adjust to others in terms of schedules. Solo, time constraints are non-existent; if you want to have breakfast at 2 p.m. and dinner at midnight, no problem!

We finally go at our own pace, contrary to what life at work often imposes on us. If you want, you can even put away your watch, so as not to be tempted to look at the time. No more compromise
When you travel with several people , you often have to make compromises, and that’s only natural. In which restaurant are we going to eat? Which museum are we going to visit? You have to deal with everyone’s desires and constraints so that everyone finds their benefit.

On a solo trip, on the contrary, we can selfishly choose only what makes us happy. Bye bye compromises !

Do more solo activities

If you dream of having time to read, to meditate , to write that novel you’ve been promising yourself to finish for years… In short, to do activities that involve you, solo travel is a unique opportunity to do it.

We all have a list in our head of activities that cannot be done together. If this is not the case, think about it before the trip and bring yourself activities to do alone, this is the perfect opportunity!

The 10 benefits of traveling:

Traveling is a way of life that has many inescapable benefits. If you want to know why so many people travel and why it is worth traveling, read this article on the 10 benefits of traveling the world!

I thought for a long time to write this article to show you the reasons why I love traveling so much. Traveling is beneficial for everyone in many ways. I asked experienced travel bloggers who have visited dozens of countries and are still discovering new ones to tell them what the benefits of travel are and why it is worth traveling.

Discover yourself during the trip

Travel to discover yourself. The more you travel, the more opportunities you have to analyze and get to know yourself. Travel is indeed a great teacher that not only teaches you about the world, but also about yourself and your place in it.

Also read about “The Cultural Aspect Of Music In Today’s World

Change when you traveling

The more you travel and meet new experiences, the more changes there are in your life and your view of yourself and the world gradually changes.

Live the adventure

It’s a bold and risky experiment that sounds interesting. Adventure travel is more like a vacation. It is an opportunity that helps you learn more about your surroundings and the world. This journey focuses on things, people and places worth getting to know. Everyone loves a challenge or trying something in a new life. Life as a whole is a series of adventures, so you cannot understand the meaning of life without adventure and challenge.

This trip can be done in small groups or solo. However, small adventure groups bring more ideas and make the trip livelier.

Become more tolerant and understandable

Travel makes you more tolerant, sensitive and understandable. The more you travel and discover new cultures, you begin to accept more and more. You realize that yours is not the only way to live. There are many other cultures from which certain aspects can be adopted.

Appreciate your home when you return from the traveling

That might sound weird. You seem to discover new beautiful places and countries while traveling and you never want to go home again. Because it’s good everywhere, but at home you know it better and more when traveling. You begin to understand that your home and your country are unique in their own way, they have something that is not found in other countries. Traveling a lot, with such a great contrast, I realized how beautiful Marrakech is. So travel the world to enjoy your home!

Open mind and less prejudice

The reason you should travel is an open mind and a fear of prejudice. I was afraid to travel because I had all these initial beliefs that people from certain countries were bad people. But when I started traveling the world, I realized that was not true and people all over the world were almost identical. I estimate that 97% of people are good, but the other 3% pay attention to the media.

Discover new cultures

I like to learn new things that’s why I love to travel. It is difficult to travel and communicate with other cultures without learning something new.
I love the days when I travel and I say yes. “Yeah, I didn’t know or I didn’t think about it. A few days of travel is a puzzle you have to solve when you stand in front of the subway ticket machine and you don’t know a word.

Broaden horizons

The greatest benefit of traveling is understanding that the world is bigger than our small part. a I hope this will increase our empathy for people, even in our own environment.

Discover the beauty of the Earth

You should travel to experience the incredible beauty of this land we are endowed with. There are so many types of beauty in deserts, mountains, oceans and fjords. By seeing these ecosystems, we can better understand what we can lose if we don’t care about nature.

Understand others better

There are many reasons why people travel. He travels a lot to get away from his life or his problems. Others to discover different cultures. Still others traveling because it’s fun… I like traveling because it helps me to be more tolerant and to communicate better with others.

People who never travel are bombarded with propaganda that aims to divide people into groups and make us believe that our neighbors are terrorists. The more you travel, the more you learn that we are all the same and all have the same feelings and emotions. Traveling won’t necessarily make you a better person, but they can help.


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