Some best MI products, to make a Smart Life Style

Overview of some of the best MI products, to make a smart life style

Xiaomi is becoming one of the leading lifestyle brands in Pakistan without a doubt by offering stylish and affordable smartphones and other home appliances. Xiaomi smartphones have already set their reputation in the market and now it has gone up a level by introducing some smart and intelligent home appliances.

We have listed down a few of the best Mi products for you to make your life easier. Let us break the news to you that Mi products online shopping has been made convenient by simply ordering from the Mi store online. You can order these smart products under their lifestyle section.

Mi Vacuum cleaner mini

This is an ideal home appliance for a quick fix of the mess around lying in rooms. The Mi vacuum cleaner mini is a portable cleaning solution, to clean up anywhere anytime. The compact size is perfect to be operated single handedly weighing only 0.5 kg and is slimmer than a flask. This smart and efficient robot vacuum cleaner is perfect for homes with mess making toddlers around with food crumbs on the floor and sofas, as it has got multi-function 2 in 1 nozzles to suck out dust and dirt from nooks and corners and surfaces. One is a crevice nozzle to pick out larger chunks and bits, and one is a brush nozzle to take off rigid dry particles that are stuck on different surfaces.

The powerful mi robot vacuum has got a powerful brushless motor for an efficient suction and has a quick start and stop function.  This mini vacuum cleaner can be used to clean up surfaces such as laptop keyboards, book shelves, car seats, table tops, table mats and many more. Priced at only Rs. 7900 at the Mi store, this appliance is worth buying!

Mi smart Antibacterial humidifier

With these uncertain circumstances prevailing due to the spread of covid-19, which attacks the respiratory system, it has become important to take care of your health at all times. That is why Mi store has brought it Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier. This smart humidifier disperses cold mist into the air in order to humidify the room environment. It is an ideal home appliance especially useful for new born babies to keep their respiratory tracts safe and healthy and operates quietly at a frequency as low as 38 decibels, making your baby have a sound sleep.

Mi products online shopping

The beautifully and aesthetically designed xiaomi humidifier can be placed anywhere in your home, with its minimalist designs making it easier for you to carry it anywhere. It is controlled by Mi Home App and comes with three pre-programmed humidity modes and 3 different fog settings. It is compatible with both Google home and Amazon Alexa.

Mi Air Purifier Pro H

Air pollution has become so toxic that now indoor environments are greatly affected by it too. Hence Mi Air Purifier Pro H is the ultimate solution to this. Currently, the air purifier price of this model is Rs. 49,999 and it efficiently removes toxic chemicals in the air such as formaldehyde and other significant dust molecules. This air purifier comes with three-speed modes with a touch of a single button to effectively suck out and filter particles from the air. This smart Mi air purifier can filter the air of a room in the range of up to 42 to 72 meters.  This can be controlled by the Mi Home app ad voice command as well, meanwhile also having an OLED display touch control.

Mijia Mosquito Repellent Set

The outbreak of dengue fever is always on the loose in Pakistan.  Therefore it is important to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from these tiny bloodsuckers. The Mijia Mosquito Repellent set 3 pc pack is a perfect home appliance best suited for the Pakistani environment, keeping these deadly mosquitos at bay.

This is an effective mosquito repellent as it contains effective repellent ingredients to keep the mosquitos away. It is a highly stylish flying insect repellent that can be carried anywhere and kept anywhere, releasing mildly fragrant repellent, and can last up to 90 nights.  You don’t need to plug in this 3 piece pack, just simply keep these 3 pieces anywhere in the home, separately or together and set your preferred time duration to do its job efficiently. Its soundless built-In rotating fan volatilization feature makes it the best mosquito repellent.

Mi products

Currently priced at just Rs. 3999 this 3-piece pack of elegantly designed mosquito repellent from the Mi store is definitely worth buying.

You can also do online shopping of Mi products from their official Mi store website. You can choose your desired home appliance from the Lifestyle section. Mi products online shopping is fun because there are no delivery charges, and provides both payment methods that are cash on delivery and online payment.

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