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In the Technology’s world, software testing considers the heart of the development life cycle to ensure the quality and drive value to the development process by preventing unwanted errors, bugs and mistakes of application before making it live and run it as per user expectations. In this article, we will carry out different software testing activities that are performed during the Software Testing Life Cycle.

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Different Phases of Software Testing Life Cycle.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top steps and activities of the software testing process which is followed by the best software testing company


  1. Requirement Gathering

  2. Test Cases Planning

  3. Test Cases Creation

  4. Environment Setup

  5. Execution

  6. Closure

Requirement Gathering:

Requirement gathering is the initial stages of testing activity In this phase of the life cycle software testing team needs to be done with requirements, needs, and expectations of clients and design plans accordingly. The Requirement document can be defined in terms of what is the scope of testing? What needs to be tested and find out the exact requirements?

Test Cases Planning/ Strategy:

Test Cases planning is the second and one of the most essential stages of STLC ones the requirement analysis phase is completed. In this process, software testing experts defined the actual plans as well as total testing activities and estimated cost of testing based on requirement analysis. In this phase, The test plan includes the completed scope and goals of the project.

Test Cases Creation/Development

In this phase of the software testing life cycle, software testing teamwork on the actual development of test cases with the details preparation of test data and test scripts. One’s testing team done with test case development then these test cases analysis by the QA experts. The main goal of this step is to deliver the test cases and test data which fulfill complete requirements

Environment Setup:

Environment setup leads to the preparation of the test environment setup which is also a necessary part of the software testing life cycle. Sometimes, this phase starts simultaneously with the test case development process. Basically, the environment decides the actual situation in which the application needs to be tested. This process has been done from the development side and sometimes the QA team may not interfere in this phase. Meanwhile, the Development team should prepare the collections of software and hardware details.


The software testing team executes the test cases based on the developed test cases which are called the actual execution of the software testing life cycle. Test case execution is the process of updating the test case report on the basis of the result of test cases. (Pass/Failed). After the Execution of test cases, The Test case report should be reported to the development team on time with the help of various defects tracking tools such as JIRA, ReQtest, BugZilla, etc.


Test closure is the last and final phase of the software testing life cycle. In this process, The evolution of the testing cycle has been done based on various things such as achieved test coverage, quality, and quantity of work, cost of the testing process, etc. For Future point of view, Software testing leaders also participate in this process to analyze the bug report and suggest better feedback for the future.

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