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Smart Buys

How would you define a purchase as a smart buy? Economical buy?  Buying something that would last a long term? Durability? Resilience? Sturdiness? Versatile? 

I would say that all of these combined would amount to a good smart buy. When it comes to the choice of fabric that can be worn in all seasons, the obvious answer would be leather. 

So what makes leather such a good product to buy? According to Tan leathers, here are a few things to consider when buying leather products. 

  1. Leather is only a by-product of the food industry. If the animal skins are not used to make leather, they would go to a landfill. 
  2. Leather is a very sustainable material. It is generated as a raw material renewably because animal meat will always be required by consumers. 

The manufacturing process of the leather, when done in a controlled environment, causes a minimal impact. 

  1. If the leather is of good quality it ages well and lasts for a long time. It all comes down to how well-made is the material. Compared to most man-made or synthetic materials it only gets better with age, with acquiring a depth of patina and wear pattern that is individual to the user – almost like a favourite pair of pants.  The mindful struggle to look for ways to lower our consumption leads to the realization that leather very much fits with the ideology of ‘buy less, buy better’.
  2. This material is easy to repair and maintain. The journey towards smart buys starts with the purchase of products that can be repaired for the longevity of use. Leather needs very little in the way of life-time maintenance and it can easily be done in the comfort of home.  The maintenance of leather does not draw heavily on resources for laundering and drying and you can increasingly see the revival of artisans offering repair services for treasured leather goods. As with time their worth increases.
  3. Being versatile is a very good quality of leather. The skills of the craftsmen to take the same basic raw material and turn it into many different ‘fabrics’ with different qualities and benefits. Leather can be engineered to be suitable for furniture yet soft enough for comfortable footwear. It will make the finest dress gloves or protective, abrasion-resistant motorcycling gloves. This material makes the most comfortable and durable jackets or the firmest of walking boots for trekking and hiking.. Bags made of leather are also very sturdy.
  4. Breathability is also essential in fabric. The human body temperature can easily be regulated. The material will naturally absorb and hold moisture away from the skin until it can evaporate. Breathable materials also mould to the wearer’s physique. In whatever form it is worn; whether it’s a glove, a shoe, leather jacket or bag/wallet. The most important thing about leather is that it conforms to its wearer for very individual comfort and fit. 
  5. Whenever you are looking for a quality product, you would also consider that fact that it has beauty. Leather is exactly that, it has a natural beauty that makes it so much more worth buying. This is easy to understand as every hide or skin is different, but leather manufacturers work to bring out its best qualities, like the expert finish that is durable and easy to maintain. 
  6. It is a biodegradable material. However, because it is tanned, it will not degrade quickly. This material lasts a long time and can be refurbished which is an environmental advantage. Leather articles that are well designed can normally be repaired, often many times, as it is rarely the leather which wears out.
  7. If kept dry and reasonably clean and maintained items such as leather book covers, furniture such as sofas, wall hangings and rugs, and the similar items may as well last indefinitely. This is also the reason that we have an abundance of wonderful social history which can be found in museums or preserved properties that contain elements of leather.
  8. The leather is rich in carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen content which is a favourite for bacteria and fungi. Normally it will biodegrade between 10 and 50 years, in a landfill. Which is comparatively faster than plastic.  
  9. The aspect of leather that makes it the best of both worlds in that it has long been a component of luxury goods. High street brands have been manufacturing products such as covetable handbags to footwear and clothing.
  10. It has a distinctive feel and the quality which cannot be replicated by man-made articles. Exactly for that reason, it is often combined with hard-edged technology to provide a more luxurious and personalised item that is otherwise unknown.
  11. Just like quality cashmere, leather holds its ground in the fashion industry to this day. And it gets all the better with where it is coming from. 

All these facts can make the decision easier to make. There are only a few options for fabrics that have all these qualities. However, if you’re looking for a life-time trustworthy fabric, there is nothing left to say. 

Creating a sense of belonging, emotional experience that is pure to its source. This can only be achieved with all-natural materials. Leather is one of the few fabrics that can be worn in all seasons, both in a casual and formal setting. It can be concluded that investing in the finest quality leather products is investing in more environmentally friendly future.

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