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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Gemstones: A Tale of a Rare Mountain Gemstone

There are many treasures that are hidden deep within the Earth’s crust, but few are as rare or unique as mountain jewelry gems. If you have ever seen a piece of turquoise set in silver, there is a good chance that it came from Sleeping Beauty Mine, which is located just outside of Jerome, Arizona. This stone is very unique and valuable. The jewelry made from this form of turquoise stands out among other forms. It is because of the rarity that it is so much liked and valued among the jewelry makers and enthusiasts alike. There are many things to unfold about this unique gem.

About Sleeping Beauty Mine

Sleeping Beauty has produced over seven hundred carats of turquoise that has been cut into rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and even earrings. The stones are often found at the surface, but will often go unreported or are sold as “fool’s gold.” Internally within Sleeping Beauty Mine is where the real treasure lies. As water from rain and snow seeps down the mountain, it dissolves the stone and deposits it around quartz veins. The results are clusters of turquoise that can be up to 10 pounds in weight. The specific mineral that causes the green color is copper and iron salts, which is why turquoise rarely comes in other colors or shades.

The Sleeping Beauty Mine has been captivating miners and artists since it was discovered many years ago, but don’t expect to make any money off of this piece of art. One of the major reasons that turquoise is used as jewelry is because it can come in a variety of shades and this reduces the price. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise takes on an almost ice and dark blue color and is priced along with similar products that are found in Afghanistan and Tibet.

Most turquoise mined from these remote areas were sold to wholesalers, and then resold to dealers and art dealers. One of the largest wholesalers was Tiffany & Co., but apparently the deal they made with Sleeping Beauty Mine was not what they wanted. The company decided that they would never work with a mine that was in such remote, mountainous terrain. Sleeping beauty forms an essential part of all the fire mountain beads catalogue.

Features of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

There are many features of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise that make this piece unique. People who are familiar with the mine call it “Sleeping Beauty” because of its appearance. The shape of the mountain viewed from afar looks like the despondence of sleeping beauty. The stone is known to sleep quietly within the earth until it is disturbed by a pick ax, power drill or even a shovel. Once this happens, it begins to release the rich copper and iron salts that create the unique color found in Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.

The first feature is the deep blue color. While others may come in a variety of colors, this piece of turquoise will always be a deep blue. Even more unique is the “banding” found on larger pieces of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise structures that contain many smaller stones like crystals or crystals that are embedded into another. This banding can be as small as one millimeter and as large as ten feet wide. The various shades found within the banding can create a unique appearance that is not seen in most other turquoise. This banding creates a sturdy, but fragile piece of jewelry that is usually separated from the rest of the stone to prevent damage.


Banding is not the only structure found within Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, which is one of the prettiest rocky mountain gems. There are also “figures” or “inclusions” that make this piece even more unique. The term inclusion refers to a small crystal, cloudy area or even a hairline fracture inside a stone. The owner of the mine calls these structures “figures,” while other miners and gemologists refer to them as “nibs.” Many people confuse the term for a crack or flaw. The classic example of a “nib” is found in other stones such as amethyst and chrysoberyl. These stones actually grow over time, but the appearance never changes because the crystals within the stone never grow larger than they did when they were formed and deposited into their area.

Another feature of sleeping beauty turquoise is that it will never be replaced. The mine is currently not mining, this makes Sleeping Beauty Turquoise a rare commodity. Just as there is a lack of turquoise on the market, there is also a shortage of Sleeping Beauty Mine’s turquoise because of issues with trade agreements and laws.

There are many ways to differentiate Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from other turquoises. There are usually no fractures found within the stone, which can create a cloudy look. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise does not have any cracks or chips and has a smooth surface, which makes it easy to polish and cut. Many mines sell turquoise that is already polished and ready to go, but Sleeping Beauty can be shipped as raw stone so it can be inspected before you polish and cut it.


One of the main features of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is the color. While some turquoises can be green, blue or even purple, its stone mountain beads will always have a deep blue color. The “banding” found within Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is often darker than most turquoises found in remote areas of Afghanistan or Tibet. The different shades are not that noticeable to the naked eye, but when viewed under magnification, they are quite striking. They create bands that can range in width from one millimeter to ten feet in width, which is the reason that this type of turquoise is expensive.

There are many features of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, but the two most recognizable are the banding and structure. Many larger pieces found in Sleeping Beauty Mine contain smaller stones like crystals or crystals that are embedded into another. These bands can be as small as one millimeter and can be up to 10 feet wide. They create a unique look that is not found in many other turquoises.

The structure of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is another feature that makes it unique. Many other mines sell turquoise already polished and cut, but the Sleeping Beauty Mine allows the buyer to choose their pieces without polishing or cutting them. This is very important because many times a small fracture or cloudiness can be seen within the stone when it is completed.


There are many ways to compare Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from other turquoises. There are no cracks or fractures within the stone that can be seen under a microscope, which makes it a difficult stone to find. This turquoise contains a similar pattern as other turquoises, but the shades and structure of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is different. There are many rare stone dealers that have been known to mix other turquoise with their Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. These blue mountain beads are also available with other reliable online sellers like Dream of Stones and many others. We take great pride in our collection of jewelry supplies. From wood beads and gemstone charms, pendants, we host an expansive selection of pieces in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, and shine. This way they both remain rare and the stone will look same.

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