Skills That A Technical Translator Must Have

There was a time when seeking a professional technical translator was a very difficult endeavor. However, with the advent of globalization and technology, we have seen the rise of agencies such as Technical translation services, which have made it easy for people to find translators with sufficient expertise and experience. 

Moreover, various social media platforms such as LinkedIn have made it more accessible. Theoretically speaking, a professional translator needs two things to do his job effectively;


  • The source text
  • Supplementary files

However, if we are speaking practically, then some more factors need to be consider. Many people do not conduct thorough research before opting for professional technical translation services. Hence, they are often left dissatisfy with the result. In this article, we will discuss some important skills that the technical translator must have if you want a quality based result;

  • Software Expertise

Expertise in the target language is only one aspect of the translator’s job. There are many other imperative skills that a translator needs to have to ensure that the quality of translation is never compromised. 

One of the fundamental skills that are necessary for a translator to have, especially in today’s day and age, is the know-how of word processing software. 

It may seem like a small task, but nothing could be more important. Because eventually, this expertise allows translators to deal with the majority of the documents. And that too in multiple formats. 

If you think that holding a little bit of expertise in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint will be enough, then you need to think again and analyze whether you can survive in this competitive translation field or not. 

On the other hand, if you think you offer something more to your clients, then expertise in the following domains will help you boost your career;

  • Softwares that are used for desktop publishing
  • Conversion from speech to text
  • Maintenance of Quality Assurance
  • Managing key terminologies
  • Knowledge of CAT Tools

Certain tools are essential to the daily job tasks of a professional translator. These tools are called CAT or Computer-aid translation tools. 

The entire translation process functions in a streamlined workflow. If the CAT is not part of that translation process, it becomes difficult to avoid errors. However, projects in which CAT are incorporate , help assist the translation process via the following functions;

  • Departmentalization of texts
  • Effective management of keywords and terminologies
  • Maintenance of Quality translation

One of the biggest advantages of using these translation tools is that it diminishes turnaround time. And makes it easy for translators to complete projects within due time.

Technical translation companies that use CAT save the time taken to cross the translated document şişli bayan masöz with the relevant dictionary of the target language. Ultimately, the overall output increases, which makes it easy to sustain a certain quality standard. 

Nonetheless, there is one important thing that needs to be understand here. And, i.e, machine-based translation is different from Computer-aided tools on a basic level. 

The rudimentary difference is that Machine-base translation is completely dependent upon the input or the information that is being embed into the system. Once the information is incorporate, there are no human interventions involve then. Whereas, CAT tools can only perform vis-a-vis human intervention. 

  1. Typing 

One of the most competitive skills that a translator can possess is the ability to write at a fast pace. This skill not only decreases the turnaround time for certain translation projects but also enhances the productivity of the agency, such as Technical translation services. 

The reason why typing skill matters in today’s technology-based era is that the utility of translation tools or machine translations software can only help the translator to a certain degree. The rest depends upon the skill of the translator. 

It is a given fact that the volume of work that translators have to do only daily constitutes thousands of words per day. Hence, it is better to do them quickly and efficiently.

But ensuring that minimum mistakes are made during  process. So for instance, if you are taking the assistance of business translation services, they will ensure that all the financial and legal information is converted from one language to another in the shortest time. Meanwhile, the level of quality is maintain high, and errors are kept to a minimum. 

If you ever wonder what steps are involve in the daily tasks of a professional technical translator, then the following aspects will guide you to the intricacies of the job;

Important Points:

  1. The first thing they have to do is go through the entire glossary of the material to familiarize themselves with the basic diameter of the task at hand.
  2. Secondly, it is imperative to consult the resource material at all times. So that mistakes and errors can be reduce to the minimum.
  3. Moreover, translators have to review the other relevant translations done on that particular topic. It can be done via consulting competitor translators or studying the work , they have done before.
  4.  Authentic and credible internet material also helps in the long run if the translator is not comfortable in consultation with fellow translators.
  5. But the important thing to understand over here is that, unless the information is from a well-found resource, it can only then be trust. Otherwise, it’s better to avoid. Because in technical translation, if you get the resource material wrong, the repercussions can go a long way. 
  6. Once the translation job is initiate after proper research and materials have been collect, the next step is to ensure quality assurance.
  7. This mainly involves the post-editing phase, where every translate word and phrase is thoroughly check and reviewed before it is submit to the client.  


d) Core Programming Knowledge

If a translator aims to establish a successful translation career in the long run, it’s imperative to acquire information processing expertise. 

To minimize the role of third part mediums and personals. Translators need to acquire certain technical expertise about search engine optimization and domains related to coding.

Translators who have acquired a certain reputation by working for professional technical translation firms know a little bit about WordPress.

Considering the reality that most of the clients want translations on their websites. It makes easy for translators to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of WordPress. 

Moreover, it is the responsibility of the translators to complete their tasks within the project management framework. This framework allows translators to stay in touch with different departments and their clients at all times. So that everyone is aware of the progress of a particular job task. 

Given the variation in the work of translation,it is the responsibility of the translators to be aware of the variation in the texts. Hence, this variation compels translators to spend more time acquiring specialized vocabulary. 

Translators working for Business translation services have to acquire a trait to play well with technical terminologies. It is especially related to financial domains.

Translators that can acquire this skill can immediately make a name for themselves in the market. 


Ultimately, translators who can work well with their colleagues, third-party individuals, and clients can win big in the translation industry. 

Hence, one that can amalgamate the technical expertise and the ability to showcase soft skills can showcase to people that he or she is the right person for the job. 

Nonetheless, it takes time, experience, hard work, and a passion for language and translation. And the translators that possess these skills and traits will eventually succeed.

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