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Simple to fantastic ideas for proposing your girl

Nothing can compare to the happiness which you get by realizing that you are in love. Being in love is the best feeling. There is no standard definition of love as everyone perceives love in their way and different from each other. How a person understands love is based on his experiences. A person feels like he is on the seventh moon when he knows that the girl also loves him. Love is great when it is from both sides. It is impossible to resist the temptation of knowing whether your girl also feels the same for you or not. We have got some of the best proposal ideas for you so that you can express your feelings to your girl. 


It’s not a permissive task for the boys when it gets to proposing to a girl of their dreams, but they can go to any extent to propose to his girl. But it is difficult to tell how many boys follow the right way of proposing?


Here’s a guide about the most romantic way to propose


Romantic ways to propose 


The very first thing which you can do to win her heart is to be yourself. People usually try to imitate someone and forget themselves, but this should not be the case. Always keep in mind that love is about accepting someone the way one is. If you try to change that person, then that is not at all love. If you love someone, you love everything about themselves, their flaws, imperfections, and everything. Consequently, let her accept the way you are and be yourself. 


No matter how many proposals appear and terminate, the traditional one always remains in trend. Nothing can match the charm of bending on your knees and proposing to your girl in the most romantic way. You can try out Shahrukh khan’s dialogues like “Love you k.k. Kiran”. People regard it as old fashioned, but there is no doubt that aging is best. The same is true with this also. It doesn’t matter if it is old-fashioned, but it is sure to win her heart. 


Another thing which you can opt for is to take her out on a candlelight dinner and make her feel special there. For girls, the most important thing is how you treat them. Instead of buying expensive gifts for her, try to spend some time with her. And candlelight dinner is an excellent option to spend some quality time together away from the rush of life. Amid dinner, ask her about her feelings for you. After some years when you will look back, these memories will be the one which will bring a massive smile on your face. 


As love is the matter of heart and feelings, then the idea must also come from the heart only and not the mind. Listen to your heart and go ahead with whatever your heart says. You can take her to a place where you first met each other. It will be way too superior and emotional. It will revive all your good memories spent together and become a symbol of more years of togetherness. Seeing such a gesture, she is sure to confess her feelings for you. It is the most romantic way to propose to your girl. 


Think something out of the box for her. Like you can opt to write your feelings on the sky, but only if your budget approves of this. Think about going for this kind of proposal once and then go ahead. The next thing to take care of here is her feelings. The whole world will be witnessing this proposal of yours, so make sure that she also has the same feelings for you before going ahead with this proposal. Also, note whether your budget allows you for this or not. 


Make sure to choose the best place for your proposal. You can opt for a sunset scene on a beach. On the beach, you can write those three magical words- I love you on the sand. The other option is to draw heart on sand, and inside the heart, write initials of your name and express your feelings for her. In the background, play some music to create a romantic atmosphere. 


If your girl loves adventure and likes such things as rafting, paragliding, trek, then you can take her to the one. Take her to tour on peak of mountain and shout there- I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You will for sure get a yes from her as it will touch her heart. If she is a foodie, try to make her favorite dish, and on the top of it, you can write that you love her. 




Go ahead with your proposal by opting out from any of the above mentioned most romantic ways to propose  We wish you many years of togetherness ahead. 

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