Significance of Hiring Hospital Security

Hospital security guard services are one of the most important components of any hospital’s safety. Ensuring sound safety and security of hospitals has become crucial to effectively meet the needs of patients and the healthcare staff. Hospitals need to invest in a robust security system because they are open to anyone and everyone round the clock. People in the hospital, either patients or visitors are often caught up in situations where they can’t help but feel scattered, scared, and get injured even.

Along with these, there are other numerous dangers such as theft, violence, and other unlawful behaviors that require timely attention. Therefore, hiring efficient hospital security is inevitable to maintain peace and order at the premises.

Professional Hospital Security Guards

There is a variety of alarm systems at hospitals, such as bed alarms, floor access alarms, front and back access alarms, hall alarms, and restricted area access alarms. These need to be properly maintained and require surveillance. A professional and skilled hospital security guard team is more than capable of handling these.

Also, hospitals have multiple exits and entrances that need to be closely guarded to prevent the occurrence of any unusual, suspicious, and dangerous activity. All in all, hospitals and medical facilities hire hospital security services to ensure the safety of all the parties on hospital premises.

Significance of Hiring Hospital Security

Access Areas Control

Hospital security protects and restricts access to sensitive areas such as OPD, ICU, emergency rooms, and other behavioral health departments. They closely watch the ins and outs to prevent the occurrence of any mishap. In case an intruder or troublemaker attempts to enter these areas without consent, the guards can handle the matter tactfully and notify the police if need be. Security guards can operate the CCTV cameras and check the visitors manually for an additional layer of safety.

Prevent Child Abduction and Theft

Over the years, child abduction and theft have increased to an alarming extent. According to the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, infant safety and protection should be the utmost priority of hospitals as reports have found that 50% of abductions take place in hospitals.

Hospital security guards patrol the premises and keep a watchful eye on pediatric wards and nurseries to reduce the risk of child abductions. Moreover, when people enter these areas, the guards inquire about the visitors and ask for identity cards and confirm their relationship with the child.

Safety of Confidential Information 

In the last two years, healthcare companies have suffered drastically at the hands of data breaches costing an alarming amount of $6 trillion. Exposure of valuable healthcare records in the black market is costed up to $250 per record. Protected Health Information PHI and Personally Identifiable Information PII is confidential information and has to be kept safe at all costs from hackers.

Hospitals invest in hospital security to gather healthcare data via using Electronic Medical Records EMR so that password encryption is ensured.

Handling Aggressive and Emotional Visitors

It is common to see a rush of emotions at hospitals. People often let their emotions go unchecked. You would find a variety of sentiments in the hospital, particularly when a loved one dies. People tend to become extremely emotional in such instances and even show their rage and grief in the form of victim-blaming the doctors for malpractice or carelessness. These can accelerate unpleasant situations.

Some people lose their temper so much that they attempt to attack doctors, nurses, or staff. And harm the property as well. It becomes very tricky to maintain calm and control in these situations. Efficient security can quickly bring the situation under control and reduce physical violence as well as verbal abuse. They also inform the authorities if the damage is caused to the hospital property or equipment.

Ensuring Safety and Order in Parking Lots

Hospitals have large parking lots. Therefore, there is a need for an efficient and skilled team of guards to ensure safety and control round the clock. Even though CCTV cameras tend to be helpful, they are solely for monitoring traffic areas. For control of parking lots, guards can keep the vehicles organized by guiding the flow of traffic, speeders, and trespassers. This allows ease for ambulances and other emergency vehicles so they can quickly make their way in and out of parking lots. Guaranteeing maximum accessibility to ambulances facilitates stability to patients’ health and safety and adds to goodwill too.

With hospital security services, hospital management can ensure the safety of everyone in the hospital, be it, patients or visitors. They can ensure that in the event of any incident, security guards will take control effectively.

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