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Shower Bath with Screen Vs Shower Enclosures

Can You Convert Any Bath into Shower Bath with Screen?

The shower bath with screen is especially suitable for you if you have a plan to install a shower over the bath. You may think about how you can put a shower over a standard bath. We will explain it in detail but first, let’s have a bit of discussion about shower baths. Are you, like many others struggling to decide whether you want to keep a shower or bath? Such a problem exists if you have limited space in the bathroom. So, when it comes to choosing between these two amenities, things become difficult. Both of these have their own pros and cons. However, the good news is that there are many ways to deal with such a problem. If you do not particularly want a shower enclosure but only a shower, many solutions are available. 

You don’t have to worry as you can enjoy both without missing either of the things.  You can install either a shower bathtub or simply put a shower over a bath. Yes, you read right; it is possible to have a shower and bath combo without spending extra money and space. 

We are going to explain it in this article. 

What is Shower Bath with Screen?

The shower bath with screen is a specific type of bath that combines both bathtub and shower into a single unit. So, you can enjoy both with these types of tubs. These have the following features

  • There are two baths and showers available in one unit. One side is used for a shower with a shower screen. 
  • You don’t need any extra space for a shower. So, you have both facilities without requiring extra space. 
  • These baths usually have the same price as the standard bath and significantly increase the overall installation cost.

shower bathsShapes of Shower Bath with Screen

Like all other bathroom fittings and fixtures, a shower bathtub also has different shapes. You can have a straight shape bathtub that looks similar to the standard bath. But you can install a shower on one end with a shower screen on the side to prevent water splashes. To make your shower more comfortable, these baths come in various shapes like l and p shaped. Like their name, these have an alphabetic shape, which allows you to have a luxurious shower or bath experience. So, depending on your need and bathroom layout, you can choose the one you need. Such shapes are a great choice for bigger or family bathrooms due to their various benefits. 

Can We Install a Shower Over a Standard Bathtub?

You may be thinking, why can not you simply install a shower over any bath to convert it into a shower bath with screen. The truth is you can install a shower over any ordinary or standard bath over it. However, the one which is specially designed for this purpose is much better than it. For example, these will have better designs for a comfortable and luxurious bath experience in comparison to an ordinary bath. You must check that you have a fitted bath which is in between two walls or corners to do it in a better way. 

And if you are planning for a shower bathtub, then you will need to if that shape fits into the available space. Such options are great for the bathroom where you don’t have enough space available for separate showers and baths. These are especially suitable for the family bathroom due to better utilization. Confusion in choosing between these is often a cause of concern for the family. In such bathtubs, you can bathe your kids and pets comfortably while enjoying a shower whenever you want. 

Choosing a Bath with Screen

In this article, we explain what is shower bath with screen, and whether you can convert a standard bath into a shower bathtub. If you get a p or l shape shower bath, then these can be an excellent choice for a family bathroom. At Royal Bathroom online store in the UK, we offer all bathroom-related stuff at lower prices. You can visit our website to get the best deals for all your bathroom makeover needs. 

Shower Bathtub Vs Shower Enclosures Pros and Cons

The shower bath tub has gained popularity in the last few years. It is a combination of both a shower and a bathtub. That means you can enjoy both without the need for separate units for each. It is incredibly helpful the people struggling with the space in the bathroom. Perhaps lack of space is the one reason for removing the baths for bathtubs. While both bath and shower are for the same purpose of cleaning yourself, the pros and cons differ significantly. Therefore, if you plan for a shower enclosure by replacing a bathtub, it is important to know what benefits you should expect. And what can be the advantages that you will miss out on without a tub? 

In this article, we will compare both bathtub and shower enclosures in view of their advantages and disadvantages. 

Shower bathtub Vs Shower Enclosure Debate

The choice between a shower bathtub and shower enclosure has recently become a topic of discussion recently. The shower enclosures are a recent trend that has taken up bathrooms by storm. So, in order to make space in the bathroom, many homeowners started to replace a bath with it. However, it is more influenced by the impressive look of the enclosures rather than the practicality. Many homeowners had no clue about what type of benefits it will offer to them. Bathing and showering both are the same and different in many ways. So, understanding the pros and cons will help in making the right decisions. 

When To Prefer a Shower Bath Tub Over Shower Enclosure

There are several reasons or situations when a bathtub becomes a better choice. We are discussing these here.shower bath with screen

  • You Like Relaxing After a Hard Day Out at Work

The shower enclosure makes you fresh and looks beautiful. But it may not be helpful if you like long relaxing baths before sleep. After a hard day out to relax sore muscles, many people love baths, and a shower does not replace it. 

  • You are interested in the health benefits of Bathing

Everyone knows that Bathing and showering are linked to various health benefits. But if you want to maximize them, then a bathtub is a better option. A warm soak offers many health benefits, including easier breathing, relaxation, improved blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and increased immunity. 

  • You Want Flexible Solution. 

In terms of practicality and flexibility, a shower bath is a better solution. A shower enclosure is just a few shapes to choose from. While a tub is available in more options like P and l shaped. Or you can choose from air jets and whirlpool-style tubs as well. 

  • You Have Family with Pets and Children

If you have a family with children and pets, a bathtub will be a better option. Shower baths are spacious, and you can easily handle your kids and pets bathing them. 

When Not to Choose a Shower Bath?

There are certain situations when you should not opt for a bathtub

    • May Not be Suitable for Elderly.  Getting into and out of the bathtub can be difficult for the elderly and people with limited mobility. Therefore, you must consider it before opting for the bathtub.
  • Time-Consuming and require a lot of water. It is time-consuming to fill the bath that requires a lot of water. If you are finding ways to save water from reducing your bills, it is not the right option. 

Getting High-Quality Shower Bath Tub

In this article, we have a discussion about the shower bathtub. There are many reasons to prefer them over a shower enclosure. Our discussion will help you to make the right choice. At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, we have various bathtub and shower enclosures available at competitive prices. You can visit our website and check for the latest discount deals before placing an order with us. 

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