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Should You Use Hair Shampoo On Your Beard?

Beards can be an incubator for whatever falls into them and make it look dirty, just as our hair collects pollution and dirt from the outside environment, so does our beard. According to a survey, many people insist on using any foam of shampoo in the beard, whether its hair shampoo, face wash, and hand wash because it prevents dirt, but this doesn’t seem right. Yes, you heard it right. 


The main reason is that regular shampoo takes away the natural oils from your hair, so your hair doesn’t look oily or greasy. That is why you should avoid using it on your beard! 

It might be convenient to use your regular shampoo on your beard as well, but it’s not the best idea, because there are significant differences between the hair on your head and the hair on your face. Facial hair tends to be thicker, more porous and rough. Also, your facial skin is very different than your scalp, which is usually oilier. It means that a shampoo that works great for your hair might leave your facial skin dry, itchy, and flaky. The same goes for hair oil if you buy hair oil from any store or online in Pakistan, but the ingredients which use in hair oil differ from beard oil. 

You can buy beard oil Pakistan from different online sites in Pakistan, to make your beard look more thickens, dark, and grow your facial hair steady. Beard oil is the foam of moisturizing lotion, which helps to keep beard moisturize. For skin and body applied the moisturizing cream after each shower, it can help to seal moisture deep in the skin to keep it hydrated. You can get Moisturizing Lotion Online In Pakistan for your skin to prevent it from dryness and itching. 

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