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Should You Get a Hanging Daybed Swing?

Should You Get a Hanging Daybed Swing?

You may be familiar with one of the latest trends that are taking some corners of the market by storm – the trend of building hanging beds and swings into the design of your home. They don’t fit into every single niche of the market, but they certainly have been picking up a head of steam in some circles. They’ve even been featured on popular shows on HGTV and elsewhere. So, you may have been thinking to yourself, should you get a hanging daybed swing?

There’s no easy right or wrong answer. Rather, you should take a look at what a hanging daybed – or some other type of swing – can offer you and your home.

The first thing one of these can offer is a break from the norm, and for some people that is a totally refreshing experience. Most people – perhaps yourself included – are entirely oversaturated with played out design elements that we see again and again. There is a startling unity among the styles of interior and even exterior design out there that can jade even the most creative of homeowners and designers. It’s almost as if the same eight or so themes have been entirely played out and no one has anywhere else to go.

That can be, to put it bluntly, boring. However, there are a number of styles and features you can build into your home with a little vision and a dose of creativity. Consider, for example, what the inclusion of a hanging daybed swing into your design can do for your home.

When is the last time that you saw a porch swing or a hanging swing anywhere outside of a little garden, anyway? More than likely the case is that you’ve never seen one in real life and if you’ve seen one at all it was on a page or on a screen. Is that a bad thing? No necessarily – if anything it leaves you with a golden opportunity to spruce up your design with one of these beautiful accouterments.

Adding a swing of some sort to your porch or the interior of your home will immediately rejuvenate it and breathe new life into it. Even if it doesn’t necessarily “go” with the rest of your design, adding that uncustomary accent will offer a little spice of its own to the setting. There’s just nothing like one, and no good substitute. If the look appeals to you, you should definitely give it a go.

The allure doesn’t begin and end with visual aesthetics, however. There is the functional utility of a hanging swing that you can make great use of as well. Unlike most pieces of furniture which are basically only useful for looking at, a hanging swing bed is a really experiential addition to your home. You may even find that you love the enjoyable, relaxing feeling of reclining in the swing. It’s a bit like being on a boat on a gentle body of water, and there is even some anecdotal evidence that it can help you sleep better – or at least enhance your ability to relax and unwind.

That leaves you with only one problem, then – the problem of where to find one. If you’re looking for a dazzling collection of swing beds and porch swings, look no further than Four Oak Bed Swings, where you will find a peerless collection of the highest quality swings and swing bests available to the market today. Each and every one of their models is designed in house and created by hand from high-quality Southern Pine or Cedar, both light, strong, and relatively resistant to wear and decay. There’s no time like the present to invest in your vision, and if you’re pondering the benefits of a daybed swing, check out for more information.

For more information about Porch Hanging Swing and Outdoor Hanging Bed Please visit: Four Oak Furniture LLC.

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