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Introduction to Shih Tzu Puppy:

The name shih tzu puppy means little Lion, but this dog breed is not fierce. This dog is a lover and not a hunter. Shih Tzus were bred to be companions. Shih Tzu Dog are happy, affectionate, and outgoing house dogs that love to go with their owners from room to room. They’ve been comfortable in the laps of people of all walks of life since ancient times. Even emperors.

Pet parents have been taking Shih Tzus out of their homes and into dog sports. They are training them to be agility competitors, obedience, rally and rally. They are great family pets and get along well with other animals as well as children. As long as their owners know how to handle small dogs and how to play with them, they can be a good companion.

This dog is the perfect companion for anyone looking for a pet who will be able to live in an apartment, give you cuddles and show unconditional love. Remember that any breed of dog can have health problems throughout their lifetime. You can prepare for your dog’s care with a good pet insurance plan.

About this Breed:

American composer and teacher James Mumford described the Shih Tzu the best: “Nobody understands how the ancient Eunuchs managed the mix: a splash of lion, several tablespoons of rabbit and a few ounces of domestic cats, one part court jester and a little bit of ballerina. A pinch of an old man and a bit of a beggar. One part monkey. One part baby seal.

The rest are dogs of Tibetan and Chinese heritage. The Shih Tzu, also known as SHID Zoo, SHIH Sue, or SHEED Zoo, is a small, elegant dog that has long, thick locks and a friendly disposition. This dog breed shih tzu has a distinguished history: it was originally owned by royal Chinese families during the Ming Dynasty. The Shih Tzu’s flowing hair and elegantly tied topknot make them appear snobbish. They are best suited for sleeping on silk pillows in a palace.

However, this is far from the truth. Shih Tzu’s can be beautiful but are also loyal, friendly and lively companions. The shih tzu puppy personality is so appealing that even the most grudging dog watchers find it difficult to resist this breed. Shih tzu are a hard dog to ignore. They were create to be friendly companions. They don’t hunt or herd and they don’t guard. Shih tzu are happy to greet strangers and friends alike. A shih tzu puppy will make friends everywhere they go.


The origins of the Shih Tzu are mysterious and controversial. Recent research has shown that the Shih Tzu is the oldest of all 14 dog breeds. Dog bones discovered in China have also proven that dogs existed there as far back as 8,000 B.C.

Many believe that the breed was create by Tibetan Monks, and then give to Chinese royalty. Some believe that the Shih Tzu was create in China through crossbreeding other breeds with either the Lhasa Apso, or the Pekingese. It doesn’t matter if the breed was create in Tibet or China, it is clear that the Shih Tzu was loved by all. Small dogs, similar to the Shih Tzu, are depicte in paintings, art, and writings of China’s Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D).

The dogs are mentioned again in documents, paintings, and carvings, from 990 to 994 A.D. Marco Polo, a 13th-century Marco Polo reporter, reported that Mongolian Emperor Kubla Khan had small “lion” dogs with trained hunting Lions. This was not to prey but to keep the Lions calm. These dogs are believe to be the Shih Tzu.

During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Chinese royal families kept Shih Tzu-type dogs, and the “little lion dogs” or “Maltipoo Puppies” dogs were mentioned in several documents from that period. These dogs were small and intelligent, but docile, and resembled lions. Documents from the 1700s through the early 1900s don’t mention dogs much, but many pieces from that period of art depict happy, small dogs.


Both males and females are nine to ten inches tall, and weigh nine to sixteen pounds.


Every dog breed has a purpose. The Shih Tzu’s purpose was always to be a companion. They just want to be with you. Don’t expect them hunting, guarding, or retrieving; that’s not what they do. Their dominant characteristic is affection, and their favorite place is your lap.

They are most happy when they are with their family, receiving and giving attention. The Shih Tzu isn’t a couch potato, however. They are alert and energetic and will bark at anyone who comes to their home. They will make friends with guests as soon as they enter your home.


Shih Tzu’s are healthy in general, but they can be susceptible to certain diseases and conditions like other breeds.

  1. Allergies are common in dogs. There are three types of allergies: food allergies, that can be treated by removing certain foods from a dog’s diet; skin allergies, that are caused when a dog reacts to chemicals such as dog shampoos or flea powders; and airborne allergies, caused by allergens like pollen, dust or mildew. The treatment options include diet restrictions, medication, and changes in the environment.
  2. Canine Hip Dysplasia Canine hip dysplasia can cause pain or lameness.
  3. Patellar Luxation, which refers to dislocation (luxation of the kneecap) Pain can be caused by the knee joint, which is often a hind leg. This can lead to severe pain.
  4. Juvenile kidney dysplasia (JRD) is a condition that affects the kidneys in young dogs. The dog is thirsty and urinates frequently. They are less energetic, lose weight and vomit frequently. There is currently only one test that can be done on breeding dogs for this disease: a wide-wedge kidney biopsy. This is very risky and requires a lot of time. Geneticists have developed swab testing, but none appear to be 100% reliable.
  5. Bladder infections and bladder stones can result from a variety of factors such as too much protein, magnesium and phosphorus, or prolonged periods between urination. Bladder infections may be cause by viral or bacterial infections. Your Shih Tzu may need to urinate often, have bloody urine, or experience a loss in appetite. Take them to the veterinarian for a checkup.

Take care:

The Shih Tzu doesn’t care where they live as long as they’re with their owners. The Shih Tzu is a flexible dog that can live in small apartments or large homes in the country. Although they love to play in the backyard, they are best keep indoors.

The Shih Tzu enjoys short walks every day. They aren’t very active dogs, but they will happily sit on your lap and play with their toys or run to greet guests. The Shih Tzu, like other short-faced breeds, is very sensitive to heat. To avoid heat exhaustion, they should be keep indoors in an air-conditioned area or one that has fans during hot days.

The breed can’t fly, but owners often report that their Shih Tzus believe they can. A Shih Tzu can jump fearlessly from a chair or bed. These heights may not appear high to you but they are impressive to small Shih Tzu. Unfortunately, these leaps can often lead to injury. This breed is very heavy on the front and can crash forward which can cause injury to the head.

When carrying your Shih Tzu, be careful. You must hold them tightly and make sure they don’t jump off of furniture or your arms. Although they are naturally friendly and docile, Shih Tzus need to be socialized and trained early. They can be timid, just like any other dog. Socialization early on is key to ensuring that your Shih Tzu puppy grows into a well-rounded dog.


The amount of food your adult dog eats will depend on their age, size, metabolism, activity level, and build. Dogs are just like humans, they need different amounts of food. A dog that is active will require more food than a dog that is sedentary. It also matters how good the dog food you purchase. If you want to purchase a cute shih tzu puppies for sale than you must to visit the site Mutt Store Online. The better the food is, the more it will nourish your dog.

Grooming and Coat Color:

It is a long, silky Shih Tzu jacket that can be wear in many colors, including black, black and red, gray, white, red and white and gray. Highly prized are a white tip on the tail or blaze on the forehead. It is difficult to keep the Shih Tzu’s coat looking great. To prevent tangles, daily brushing and combing are essential.

Also, frequent bathing is recommend – as often as every other week. Many Shih Tzu owners give up on their pets and hire a professional groomer. Their beauty is go, but so is the tedious chore of daily brushing. You can trim your coat if you want it to stay that way.

You can groom your Shih Tzu yourself, especially if you start with puppyhood. You’ll be doing this a lot. You want to brush the entire coat, from the hair to the skin. Shih Tzu groomers who are experience teach their dogs to lie down while they brush their coats in sections. This makes it easier and is more comfortable for them.

The Shih Tzu’s coat transforms from puppy fluff to adult-like silkiness around ten to twelve month of age. You’ll notice that the Shih Tzu coat will mat faster than you can brush during this stage. Don’t give up! This temporary condition will last for approximately three months. Brushing becomes easier once the adult hair is fully grow.

Children and Other Pets:

The Shih Tzu makes a great family pet. They are great with other Dog Breed and animals and can be good friends for children. Children should not carry or drop Shih Tzu puppies. Instead, they should be allow to play on the ground. Children must also be careful not to touch the Shih Tzu’s eyes as they can easily injure their fingers.

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