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Sherwani on rent

image of sherwani from popin's sherwani collection on rent
image credit-Popin

When talking about the sherwani on rent in Mumbai first question that comes into mind is Why Rent? Why to put on a rented dress when it is about the wedding day? All these doubts will definitely confuse you. So we’ve covered all the points that will definitely help to select the sherwani on rent.

Why renting a Sherwani is one of the best decisions for a wedding?

Clothing is the main attraction for the wedding, be it bride or groom or whosoever attending the function. The Indian men nowadays are experimenting on their outfits leaving behind the stereotypes. And if we talk about sherwani, it has maintained its relevancy among the latest western wearings. Sherwani kept on evolved its looks with a modern touch.

The wedding season in this 21st century will show you the trend men trying for different prints. Like layers, floral, drapes, and many more. Especially when we talk about the sherwani on rent in Mumbai. everyone is trying to go with trends celebs follow. And the best way is to get a designer dress for rent. And Mumbai is the financial capital of India and at the same time trendsetter too.

All the other metro cities and towns of India use to follow Mumbai when it’s about fashion. Of course, the presence of Bollywood is one of the main reasons behind it. So the fashion taste of Mumbai person would be more unique, updated, and trending.

Gone is the time when men were left behind with very few options to put on for the wedding. When it comes to the wedding day for a groom, it comes up with a lot of doubts in mind. Whether to buy or rent the outfit on your special day is one of the biggest of all. Following are the points that will clear the doubt of renting the outfit for your D-day or be it any special occasion.

  • You are not going to put it again soon:

Repeating one outfit from one function to another is a gone time. When it is the time for a groom to put on a sherwani that too in a city like Mumbai, nobody likes to put on a heavy outfit again for any other function. So in that case renting sherwani is the best option. Rent, Return, and Repeat is the jingle one needs to follow to flaunt and stand out not only for the wedding but other functions of the wedding too. So sherwani on rent is the best option one can go when you don’t believe in repeating the outfits for more than one function.


  • Saves a lot of money:

Renting sherwani for the wedding is definitely going to save a lot of money. This is because buying a sherwani for a wedding is going to cost equal to that of a bride. Unlike bridegroom does not have an option to mix and match and put on any other occasion. So instead of buying expensive sherwani for one time for the wedding, it is advised to better rent and return and save money.

  • Allows a huge range of variety:

You get different types of options to select from a huge range of sherwani available. Not only one you can select different styled sherwani for various events and functions happening at the wedding.

  • Saves space in your wardrobe:

Sherwani is heavy and would need a lot of space in your wardrobe. Getting a sherwani on rent will save that too. So rather buy and waste the space for a dress that you are going to put only once a year instead of rent, put on, and return.

  • Saves maintenance cost:

Also, sherwani is an outfit that requires so much maintenance. After every time you wear it, it has to be properly dry cleaned or whatever the maintenance required. Even if you don’t wear it on a regular basis, still maintenance is a must.

  • More options to Mix and Match:

Selecting sherwani for rent gives you immense choices to select the design and outfit of your choice. Not only has this you can even select sherwani and bottom worn separately. Apart from this, you get so many options to try, mix and match for any of the occasions.

There are many outlets in Mumbai are available in who offer Sherwani on rent in Mumbai offers rental sherwani on rent. Check out a huge list of Sherwani on rent in Mumbai for different varieties and a huge collection of sherwani on rent. Browse through the website of POPIN DESIGNER to check all the details and different styles of sherwani for all the occasions. Be it a wedding, reception, ring ceremony, or sangeet, just follow the rule Rent, Flaunt and Return. If you are looking for wedding sherwani on rent you will find embroidered sherwani, heavily embroidered sherwani, collar work sherwani, self-texture Indo western sherwani, and many more as an option to choose from its collection.

Hope this detail will be helpful for you when you will decide to go for a rental sherwani. A colorful and designer sherwani always attracts attention in any gathering, so choosing the perfect matching sherwani is very important.  whether to go for rental or buying is also a big decision.

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