Seven Ways a Survival Pocket Knife Can Save Your Skin

Seven Ways a Survival Pocket Knife Can Save Your Skin

Forget figuring out what knife you need to have on you when the proverbial stuff hits the fan. The best knife to have on you in a fight, or in the woods, or anywhere, ever, is the one in your pocket. What matters is how you use it and the skills you bring to the fray. If you carry a survival pocket knife, learn to master these skills; they could save your life.

Clean Fish and Game

The most obvious task to which you might put a knife is the one of turning wild meat into food, and to do that you need to skin, gut and quarter game or do the same for fish. With a handle little survival pocket knife, you can do just that, and depending on the strength of the blade and the sturdiness of the lock, you can even take on breaking down larger game.

Fell (a Small) Tree

The size and width of the blade will determine your ability to do this, but even most small knives can take on saplings up to a few inches in diameter. Smaller trees can be taken down with a simple beaver tooth cut, and larger blades can be used in conjunction with a wooden maul (see below) to cut across the grain and take the tree down. With a little more skill, you might even be able to rive logs with a knife and maul.

Split (Small) Logs

With the help of the maul mentioned above, you can split small sections of limbs and logs in order to prepare them for a fire. The utility doesn’t end there, though, as splitting is the first step to producing shingles, planks, and boards. That can be tough with a smaller pocket knife, but it can be done.

Carve Tools

With your pocket knife, you can create a maul from wood, which will help to supplement your lack of an ax or hatchet, if you don’t have one. You can also carve spears, arrows, bows, spoons, bowls, cups, and more with a knife. In fact, there’s not much you can’t do.

Create Cordage

You don’t need your knife to create cordage, but you might need it to harvest and split the fiber. We’ll leave the knowledge of what fibers to use up to you; just use your knife to facilitate the harvest of those fibers.

Start a Fire

You can be as complex with this task as creating a bow drill or a fire plow, or you can just carry a ferrocerium rod and strike sparks from it with the spine of your knife. How you go about it is up to you, but you can do it with a survival pocket knife.

Create Shelter

Combine all the skills of creating cordage, tools, and splitting wood above and you have the makings of a shelter. Finding shelter is one of the most valuable skills that anyone can have, and with a little experience in the bush, you can find or create your shelter with nothing more than a knife.

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