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Say Bye Belly Fat! Quit Alcohol & Find New BFFs In These Drinks

Summary: Looking for the best drinks to reduce belly fat? Check out these 6 easy and homemade drinks which you can try to reduce your belly fat.

Thought you were stubborn but found your belly fat to be the most stubborn of all? First of all, relax! Losing belly fat is the weight loss goal of many. Don’t go out trying weird diets. The weight loss world is bizarre, unpleasant, and ruthless. Don’t go by what people tell you and don’t back down. Instead, watch your habits, could they be sabotaging your journey? 

For example, do you enjoy diet soda with a proud smile on your face? No, it’s in no way a healthier option than its mate. It’s actually one of the reasons why you’re not losing that belly fat. You have to ditch soda altogether. Make wise choices! Alcohol too can contribute to excess belly fat. It’s time to cut down on those boozy girl nights. Here, all the other amazing drinks to reduce belly fat, that you can definitely have, without guilt and remorse – Read through! 

Fennel Water 

An absolutely healthy way to lose weight? Drink fennel water. Mix a teaspoon of fennel seeds in water and leave it overnight. Remember to strain and drink the water the next day. Make sure you consume it on an empty stomach to aid metabolism and boost weight loss. It’s the powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients found in fennel seeds that make them a highly nutritious source with abundant health benefits. This drink will help regulate your blood pressure, work on your skin problems, flush out harmful toxins from your body, and even help in enhancing your vision.

Jeera Water 

Next up in drinks to reduce belly fat is Jeera water. This drink will help rid your body of toxins, improve health, and promote weight loss. Further, this drink will improve your body mass index and insulin sensitivity. It’s through the process of osmosis that the water enters the cumin seeds, and they swell up. The cumin seeds then release the nutrients into the water, giving it a yellow color. Found in every Indian kitchen, cumin seeds have numerous health benefits. Jeera, a rich source of vitamins and minerals, accelerates metabolism. Accelerated metabolism then helps the body burn more calories. Were you also looking for a solution to your stomach problems? Jeera has been passed on for generations as a traditional cure for digestive problems.

Ajwain Water 

Evidence exists, Ajwain for its powerful properties has been used as an ayurvedic medicine since ancient times. Aiding digestion, treating flatulence, and relieving constipation – there’s a lot that carom seeds can do for you. Ajwain seeds are known to increase metabolism. The higher the metabolism level you have, the more calories you burn. It’s a fact, the more calories you burn, the more weight you lose. Give your metabolism a great start by drinking ajwain water in the morning. Begin by boiling a glass of water on one hand and on the other hand, roast some carom seeds on the Tawa. Then, add the roasted carrom seeds to the boiling water and as it changes its color, take the water off the flame, strain, and drink it.

Green Tea

Getting rid of belly fat can bring significant benefits to your health and well-being. Making a point of increasing activity levels throughout the day helps burn calories, and to burn extra calories? Drink green tea. No lie, studies have shown those who drink green tea burn up to an extra 70-100 calories per day! Thanks to the antioxidants called catechins found in green tea. This healthy beverage increases fat burning, especially during exercise. Boost your metabolic rate with green tea! 

Black Coffee 

It’s true, black coffee helps in losing weight. Caffeine in coffee helps accelerate the weight loss process. By stimulating your metabolic activity and increasing your energy level, caffeine in coffee further curbs hunger. Do not add milk or sugar, instead add cocoa powder to your coffee. 

Honey and Lemon Water 

Here’s another one from our science-backed drinks to reduce belly fat – honey and lemon water. Both honey and lemons have many health benefits, and this combination works as a healing elixir! Drink honey and lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach to lose weight, and use it to fill you up before meals, this will take care of your overall calorie intake. Feeling under the weather? Reduce coughing, treat sore throat, keep your immune system healthy with this one drink. Owing to the soothing qualities of honey and the high amount of vitamin C in lemons, drinking honey lemon water may be beneficial.

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