Savings: 10 ways to save money for your kids’ education

Many People ask how to manage money or save money for better living. Below are the key points how you can save your 10 ways to save money

Keep the restaurant for special occasions

Restaurant meals and takeaways are more expensive than home-cooked meals. Eating more often at home more often saves money. You must pay for the service and preparation in addition to the ingredients. By cooking more often, you’ll be proud to share good meals without throwing money out the window, according to Julie Rains, a personal finance writer for Investing to Thrive. “Food is a big expense. The better you control this cost, the more money you will have for other expenses and the more you will save. ” Julia Rains sent her eldest son to college without borrowing. 10 ways to save money

Saving study: pay attention to junk food

Pay attention to junk food is not the expensive air, but this is wrong, says Safiyyah Saafir, coach, and lecturer for Saleosophy. It does not satisfy you as much as whole foods, and you will often eat them to fill a need and not to feed you. Stop taking ice cream at night and put your money on healthy snacks: apples and peanut butter or carrot sticks and hummus.

“I never knew if my parents were worried about our health or their budget, but they never bought us junk food,” said Safiyyah Saafir. They did not have to borrow to pay for their studies. (However, they asked him to get a loan for his last semester.) “When I think about it, because I happen to eat junk food, I realize that buying quality products good for health is felt on the wallet and the waist. ”

Buy their clothes in thrift stores to save money

Go to thrift stores and buy your children’s clothes already worn. It will not cost you much! A young child does not make the difference between a new item and a second-hand suit. “Do you need to get them used to wear big brands? Same thing for teens, 10 ways to save money

Encourage your children to get loans and bursaries

If your children earn excellent scholarships, their registration will cost less. These scholarships are obtained by presenting a school record or passing exams in the institutions where they wish to enter. As for the loans that the Ministry of Education, to go to high school, college, and university have, the repayment terms are very flexible. Safiyyah Saafir saved a free semester of college bypassing the AP tests (in English colleges) while she had not even finished high school.

A productive summer vacation, to save for studies

Productive summer vacation Online summer school is a great opportunity for young people to accumulate credits upfront, says Todd Mulbarger, an agent at Ridgewood Enterprises, Inc. Your child does not have the same pressure as during the year.

10 ways to save money School and these courses are cheap. But you can also encourage your child to work. “It’s important for students to work in the summer and save money,” says Todd Mulbarger. Her eldest was able to go to college without needing loans, and it will be the same for her sister next year.

Prefer one-day getaways to long vacations

Between airline tickets, hotels, and restaurants, holidays can siphon a mountain of money in a single week. Safiyyah Saafir says his family never went on vacation. Instead, they visited the rest of the family and spent days in the amusement parks or at the pool.

“At the time, it bothered me a bit. I would have liked to come back with some incredible stories to tell, she says. But when I was 19 years old, I remember thinking: fortunately my parents took us to the pool, otherwise we would be riddled with debt. ”

Take advantage of free resources, to save for studies

Take advantage of free resources The tutoring can help your child be more successful in a material that is difficult for him. But before paying a guardian, see if there are no other possibilities. “My youngest son was following the math tutoring of his high school teacher,” says Julie Rains. He is now in the second year of aerospace engineering and is doing further training using differential calculator videos offered for free by Khan Academy. ”

Set a fixed monthly allowance to save

Set a fixed monthly allowance When she left college, Joan Fradella, a Divorce Thru Mediation family mediator, began paying an amount on her son’s debit card for her food and other needs. If he needed more, he had to find a job at school to cover his other costs. “Teach your kids that work pays off, in every sense of the word, and that borrowing is not the answer to everything,” she says.

Make savings a priority for children’s studies

Make savings a priority When they are old enough to go on to higher education, you will get the money you put aside for the education of your children. Start saving as soon as possible. “There is not too much money,” said Todd Mulbarger. Put $ 20 a month, 10 ways to save money

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