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Sarco Inc Has a Good Mix of Authentic and Original WW2 Helmets

Sarco Inc Has a Good Mix of Authentic and Original WW2 Helmets

Any serious collector of military memorabilia from the most recent century is bound to have an interest in the Second World War. More than anything that came in the time afterward, it shaped the course of world affairs. From political boundaries and trade routes to local conflicts and senses of national identity, World War 2 had more of a formative effect than any of the conflicts – or developments that transpired since. History lovers who want to explore the sites related to war can take the ww2 tours organized by band of brothers tours.

The same could be said of the First World War, in fact even more so. The argument doesn’t even need to be made that World War Two occurred as a result of the fallout of the wake of World War One. Even without this inconvenient truth, it is evident enough that in the hundred years that have followed The Great War, much has been directly attributable to it. Again, the same could likely be said of other farther reaching events, but the truth remains that World War Two is a recent memory in the minds of most people and so it captivates interest.

The truth remains that for many people there is an intense interest in the events associated with the Second World War as well as with the equipment and collectibles that remain in its wake. Some of the more desirable collectibles take the form of historical weapons and WW2 helmets. There are a lot out there, and many collectors are very specific in their interests. Some prefer to collect new reproductions and some prefer originals. Adding to this, some collectors specialize in finding artefacts from a specific region, a theater of the conflict or even from a specific branch of a country’s military.

If you’re looking for WW2 helmets, you’d be hard pressed to find a more reputable supplier with a better collection than Sarco Inc. In the first place, Sarco Inc. has a big collection of helmets representing many of the powers that participated in the global conflict of World War Two.

Every collection has a new or original M35 German Helmet and a U.S. M1 of some form or other. What you don’t often see are examples of helmets from the Imperial Japanese Army, of Italian M33s or even rarer options like Buglarian M36 helmets. The conflict was far broader than the conflict between the United States and Germany, and Sarco represents the global nature of the conflict in the mix. Sarco has all of these and many more, and among their mix of reproduction helmets you can find many examples of original models as well.

Their broad collection of WW2 helmets is not the only thing that makes Sarco Inc. a great supplier of collectibles and memorabilia. If you happen to collect rare or historic arms, Sarco Inc. is one of the few places that supplies hard to find parts for popular small arms like the Lewis Gun, Lee-Enfield, M1911 and many more. In many cases, they supply parts and accessories that are extremely difficult to find elsewhere.

If you need help finding a rare part or collectible, or you’re just looking to add another supplier to your list of militaria, Sarco Inc. is a prime choice. For a little help finding some of their parts or accessories give them a call at 610-250-3960. Otherwise, you can just browse through their website,, today.

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