Sanitizing and Disinfecting Cleaners in Brampton

One of the places at the highest risk for the transmission of COVID-19 is our apartments, according to a series of proven research in the last period. For cleaning services, the sanitation of apartments in Brampton is very important. Akkadian Cleaning, acting as the best sanitizing and disinfecting cleaners in Brampton, wants to give you some advice about it. Obviously, if you prefer to rely on us to receive an apartment cleaning service with anti-COVID sanitization, we are at your disposal.

The importance of sanitizing the apartments

At home, we are usually confined to small spaces with little air circulation. This can lead to increased exposure to germs and bacteria lurking in apartments.

A single sneeze can release up to 30,000 droplets into the air. As they circulate they land on surfaces, leaving potential contamination. When it comes to surfaces made from plastic or stainless steel, some germ-resistant like the coronavirus can survive up to 7 days. This is why it is important not to neglect the sanitization of the apartments as often as necessary and to be well prepared for the true meaning of the sanitation of any place of coexistence and cohabitation.

Keeping your apartment clean is an important step in protecting residents and guests from all types of germs, bacteria, and viruses and is especially important in protecting yourself from COVID-19. Whether you are walking in or out, or you just want to make sure your apartment is as clean and sanitized as possible, these tips will help you protect your home from any outside agents.

Use approved cleaning products

Obviously, not all cleaning, hygiene, and sanitizing products for apartments in Brampton are the same and when it comes to eliminating viruses, you need to use the right, safe and adequate tools to do the job. An accurate list of home sanitizers should always include products that meet certain requirements such as:

Multi-surface cleaners
Disinfectant wipes
Disinfectant concentrates
Germicidal Spray

The sanitizing instructions

Whenever you clean and disinfect an apartment to sanitize it from pathogens, you should always use a cleaner that has been tested to kill germs and bacteria. Check if the products you adopt meet these requirements and, vice versa, evaluate the purchase of different products.

Also, it might seem obvious to follow the instructions on the labels of sanitizing apartments in Brampton, but some cleaning solutions don’t make it clear what you must or must not do to get the full power of the disinfectant potential. In particular, you will likely need to use more solution than you think and leave it for longer periods of time on the surfaces you want to clean. Hence, it is always best to inquire about it.

How does the sanitation of the work environment against COVID-19 take place?

Often, the sanitation of work environments, in which almost 25-30% of our time is spent, is underestimated. Especially since COVID-19 appeared, the activity of true sanitation becomes more and more important.

Cleaning and sanitizing service for the workplace

Akkadian Cleaning Services offers specific office cleaning services in Brampton. It should be considered that the term “offices” includes many types of work environments that cannot simply be called offices. Medical offices, shops, restaurants, bars, rehearsal or recording rooms, work vehicles, taxis …

Unfortunately, however, the sanitation of the workplace is not always a priority in our daily life. Being overloaded leads us to underestimate the situation. Or simply the problem is not knowing which are the right operations to make all surfaces sterile.

Health and Wellbeing of workers

A gloved hand cleans a piano while sanitizing a work environment

The health and well-being of workers and the sanitation of other work environments are among the first duties of work management. Although not daily, there is a legal obligation to take full responsibility for maintaining safe and healthy workplaces. Any negative effects on health, safety, well-being, environment, community deriving from industry processes, must be prevented by the management concerned.

When it comes to sanitation and cleaning, we should all provide complete measures, carried out considering the utmost professionalism and competence in using the right products suitable for sanitation.

The bacteria can grow on unsuspected surfaces and, therefore, make work environments unhealthy. Sometimes, just thinking that a work surface is clean doesn’t mean it’s sanitized. So we should always make sure to clean, sanitize and sanitize the workplace, before living our daily lives.

Soap and detergents: a simple cleaning

A hand opens a door during a workplace sanitation service

Cleaning with plain soap and other detergents is only one step in the cleaning procedure. The real sanitation of work environments is much more complex. In fact, it is necessary to disinfect using specific products for each type of surface.

Cleaning with ordinary products will remove dirt or grease, but it won’t necessarily kill bacteria or other pathogens. Only thorough sanitation will be able to eliminate bacteria and ensure that the area is safe for daily work.

Be the best sanitizing and disinfecting cleaners in Brampton

A sanitation plan is important in any work area. It ensures that all surfaces are cleaned regularly and reduces the risk of transferring bacteria or other pathogens from one dirty surface to another clean one.

A sanitation plan is carried out according to a pre-established cleaning program. It outlines how each element must clean and how often this must happen.

If you are in the Brampton area and want to ensure the perfect cleaning and sanitization of your work environment or that of your employees, call us!

You will be amazed to find that Akkadian Services is a cleaning company that guarantees a workplace sanitation service of utmost professionalism at a truly affordable price.

Office sanitation during the times of COVID-19

To create fair and regular office sanitation for COVID-19, we could help you identify the most used surfaces that transmit bacteria and viruses. Always consider that our service office cleaning in Mississauga was immediately strengthened so that it was adequate not only to extraordinary regulations but also to the need to consider the specific problems that distinguish an office from an apartment or other places where it is necessary to proceed with a sanitization. So here are some tips recommend by the experience of sanitizing and disinfecting cleaners in Brampton

Always remember to keep an eye on certain busiest areas of the office and how space is using or not. In the course of this mental inventory for COVID-19 office sanitation, you may even discover ways to improve or maximize space utilization as a side benefit to developing your cleaning plan. For example, you may find areas where you do not devote yourself to clean or find furniture unthinkable to sanitize.

Take note of almost everything

Sanitization of COVID offices checklist

At this point, you just have to analyze your office, one area at a time and note the areas most “at-risk” in each of them. Some of the typical transmission vectors in spaces include:

Tables and desks
Work plans
Pull handles
Light switches
Pulls and handles of wardrobes and bedside tables

But there are, still, other high-risk areas that would require sanitation from offices COVID-19 to consider:

Phones, mice, and keyboards
Desk accessories such as staplers, tape dispensers, and pen holders
Digital touchscreens
Elevator buttons
Clothes hangers
Backrests and armrests in seating areas
The coffee station and items for coffee/tea service
The bathrooms in the office sanitation by COVID-19
Sanitization of COVID Offices cleaning products

No less important areas of our offices and not to underestimate are the bathrooms and toilets. Also, within these areas, the risk of contagion is very high. We always remember to consider:

Bathroom accessories (toilet handles, taps, soap, and towel dispensers)
In short, as you may have noticed, following a regular cleaning and disinfection program for the office is the best way to maintain the hygiene of your spaces and protect the health of your colleagues and customers.

While no cleaning program is suitable for everyone, deep office sanitation cleaning from COVID-19 of high-risk areas, along with an intermittent daily cleaning practice (including items such as upholstery, window frames, and carpets) and sanitizing surfaces can create an environment safe and healthy.

Developing a plan and covering all risk areas is a great first step in promoting a healthier and safer office environment. Once this is done, the goal is to maintain that level of hygiene within the office. Sanitizing and disinfecting cleaners in Brampton must become part of your general culture of well-being in your office.

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