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Safety Measures to Ensure As a Response to Coronavirus

Online Cake Delivery

The current COVID-19 outbreak has unfavorably pretentious every single thing all over the globe. The government has strictly warned everyone to stay at home; eating in restaurants and pubs is prohibited now due to the ongoing lockdown. That’s why people prefer social-distancing and self-isolation to avoid further exposure to this noxious pandemic. But, there is a glimmer of hope to satisfy your sweet tooth in this crucial time as online cake delivery is still expedient in Singapore along with the latest safety measures.

To feel the complete sense of normalcy in this critical time, the workers of the cake shops are performing their duties like faithful front-line workers. They are the real heroes because the workers are leaving no stone unturned to assure safe and secure Online Cakes Delivery in Singapore.

The current discussion is for all those people who wish to celebrate their birthday or special event in the quarantine period. You don’t need to worry about the hygiene concerns as online bakeries are adopting various precautionary measures to supply pure and germ-free cake.

Safety Measures to avoid the Coronavirus Outbreak

Before we proceed further, let us enlighten a significant aspect that, according to the Food Standard Agency, coronavirus is not deemed as a food security issue. Nevertheless, we have a great idea that the fear of coronavirus is in our customers; mind. That’s why; we are sharing some additional precautionary measures that we have adopted to protect our team and to ensure safe and sound delivery of cake.

· Bakery

Though we supply online cake, we still have considerably enhanced the cleaning regimes of our bakery. We appropriately clean the risky areas of the cake shop after every hour. Additionally, due to the daily EHO visits, we have already improved the effectiveness of our sanitation actions.

· Delivery Team

Due to the ongoing dreadful situation, we have recently instigated the contact-free delivery of our scrumptious cake without compromising the quality standards. You can order the desired cake and our delivery man can drop it at the door of your home. To accurately espouse the approach of sanitation and hygiene, the drivers properly sanitize themselves and their vehicles throughout the day. The high touch point areas, including gear and steering wheels, are the core focus while disinfecting the vehicle.

We properly clean and sanitized the collection lockers of the customers and then place the cakes in the bag after an absolute purification progression.


We have a vast assortment and variety of delicious cakes that can be ordered by the customers. Due to the accessibility of collection lockers, it is feasible now to proffer a contact-free way to access the desired cakes.


Prevention is always better than repenting in the panic-stricken situation. That’s why; we are spending all our days and nights to bring a smile on our customers’ faces and to supply the most wanted cakes.

However, we request everyone to stay at home and prefer social distancing. It’s the only way to get through the crucial situation. May you all stay safe, sound, and well-protected.

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