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Roof Construction and Renovation

The Ventilated Roof

It can be a suitable option for all types of houses, with different characteristics and different possibilities depending on the property and climatic conditions. There are different proposals related to this construction so that they can meet the tastes, and even the precise needs, of the client.

The ventilated roof, in fact. Different materials used in each situation. Tends to follow a precise pattern. To have the same construction details, and respect a specific system for its assembly.

Assembly Of A Ventilated Roof:

As a first section, starting from the bottom (therefore from the structure of the building) you will obviously find the structural part of the roof; going up a “step” you will find what is the load-bearing part of the Ventilated Roof, followed by the Vapor Barrier (often also called Vapor Barrier), by an insulating part in different materials, by a sheath (even if it is an optional element ), by the presence of the cavity, by an under-roof and by the last layer which will be the roof covering, also in this case made up of different materials.

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Now let’s see in detail the description of the technical sheet of each component part of the ventilated roof.

The Details And Construction Details:

The artifact will obviously rest on the structure of the building, so it will form the basis for the realization of all the work. To install a ventilated roof it will be necessary to remove the roof previously present, which does not mean completely uncovering the house. This is why in the construction of a new house it is possible to immediately opt for a ventilated roof: this choice will limit the subsequent works and will immediately allow the undoubted advantages deriving from the construction of this type to be available.

In addition

It will be necessary to have a good base when making the ventilated roof. The load-bearing structure can be found in all projects involving the construction of a new roof, whether it is a system with ventilation or if you want to opt for an ordinary roof.

This load-bearing structure may be made up of different materials, depending on the type of project to be carried out. If, for example, you opt for a wooden ventilated roof, this base will consist of beams made of this material. If, on the other hand, you want to have a synthetic material available, you will be able to see steel trusses in this layer. Some also opt for concrete. some cases proposed. But which offers lower performance, especially if you live in particularly hot and humid areas.

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Above the supporting structure we have the vapor barrier, often also called the vapor barrier. Its name indicates the function that this layer must have in the general structure of the roof. First of all, we need to understand what the specific function of this part is. It is mounted in order to protect the insulating layer from the possible formation of condensation and humidity. This is why the barrier is mounted right before the insulation and is placed next to the side closest to the house, which will be the one that will benefit most from the insulation created.

Taking a closer look at this section of the roof

You will notice how the vapor barrier looks a lot like a sheet, certainly not of paper, which can be composed of a single layer or of some different levels and layers. The material may be different, depending on the choice of the client and also on the type of work proposed by the company: you can have polyethylene, polyester, and so on. The important thing will be the characteristic of the limited density of the material (which therefore allows maximum insulation) and its “agreement” with the other layers of the roof under construction.

Therefore, this barrier, above all thanks to its position, will allow to prevent the passage of steam and also to control the formation of dangerous condensation in the whole structure of the product. In fact. The barrier is not present. Alternatively not sufficiently prepared.

The humidity will tend not to remain in the gaseous state, but to condense. The gas status allows the wet part to leave the roof and go outside it, which does not happen if there is no such maintenance of the gaseous state.

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Furthermore, the material must be reliable and comply with the legislative provisions, in order to both perform its function correctly and to avoid the introduction of toxic substances. This is why it is always good to rely on suppliers who have the certifications required by law and European Directives, whether you are referring to a company or opting to do everything with your own hands.

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The fundamental function of the insulation.

As its name implies will be to make the structure independent of the internal and external temperatures and avoid the formation of mold, which can derive from humidity. It is thanks to this part, which in any case will work in synergy with the others, that after the completion of the works it will be possible to notice the greater stability of the domestic temperature, both in summer and in winter. During the hot season, there will be no peaks in temperature increase, and in winter no internal humidity will form and there will be no freezing in the part under the roof.

However, it is always good to know all the structural details that may be present in the final work.

First of all, it is good to clarify what this sheath is for. Very similar to the functioning of the layer placed in the sole of a famous brand of shoes, which guarantees the maintenance of the foot dry, without exposing it to rain or snow. On the roof, it will be just like that.

There are even adaptable sheaths.

In general, however, they are already supplied in panels that will be applied with nails or staples in order to remain stable and perform their function.

As mentioned, this layer, in the general scheme. Repeated in the final part of the Ventilated Roof.

At this point, you will find the ventilation layer. And in this case, too the expression that indicates. It already allows us to understand, in part, its final function.

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First of all, it is essential that this roof layer respects certain standards from a size point of view. The cavity, in fact, must have a thickness that can vary between 6 and 10 centimeters in total, in order to perform its function correctly.

The length and the slope of the pitch itself, therefore. So as to make it work at its best.

The good functioning of the ventilated roof depends a lot on this structural part. In fact, it will allow the continuous exchange of air between the external environment and the internal part of the roof, with an adequate “vent”, capable, therefore, of fulfilling two functions. In fact, the air must not remain too still or move too much, otherwise, it would lose its insulating function.

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