Role of TOGAF and Enterprise Architect in Your Buisness

For the past few years, TOGAF certification and training is considered as a great option to work in the enterprise architecture industry.

Having adequate skills and knowledge is a very necessary aspect for those who want to run their business successfully. However, a strong enterprise framework is one of these aspects, and TOGAF Certified Professional is the person who can make it possible for organizations. For the past few years, TOGAF certification and training is considered as a great option to work in the enterprise architecture industry.

Why TOGAF Skills are necessary for organizations?

TOGAF stands for “The Open Group Architecture Framework” and it is like a base for enterprise architecture domain. Basically, Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operational procedure of a company. The purpose of hiring an enterprise architecture is determining ways how an organization can achieve their current and future objectives.

However, the Certified TOGAF specialist can enable organizations to identify their critical business needs by ensuring everyone involves with transformation speaks the identical language, by utilizing resources more effectively, and by achieving a demonstrable return on investment (ROI). TOGAF is a huge framework and the person who want to learn these skills need to get in-depth knowledge of it.

TOGAF Architecture Skills Framework

Technical skills are necessary for becoming a valuable to prospective employers, but exhibiting emotional intelligence and other soft skills will offer you a true competitive edge as an enterprise architect. That is why many professionals who are working as an enterprise architect are going to be to figure with a good range of individuals, you’ll have to understand not only the technologies and tools at your disposal but the wants and preferences of business analysts and department heads, customers and partners, developers, executives and more.

Here are some soft skills that are needed to become a successful enterprise architects and work with and satisfy those diverse stakeholders:

Problem formulation

Defining the actual issues need to be addressed, because the additional variables and relationships that will affect their resolution. Solution shaping and problem solving: Exploring the “art of the possible” to return up with solutions that effectively address the problems at hand through analysis, troubleshooting, research, evaluation, and communication.

  • Consensus building

Getting agreement on the matter and solution requires building a typical understanding across all of these involved. This needs both verbal and communication skills to settle conflicts and secure buy-in on work that needs cooperation.

  • Solution realization

Turning solution proposals into reality in an exceedingly way that effectively addresses known and new issues raised by all stakeholders throughout the method of development, testing and deployment.

  • Solution management

Managing the answer through its natural lifecycle, including stakeholder updates, budget requirements, and evaluation.


Strong leadership skills are needed to empower employees and IT teams to stay on task and delivering on time.

Role and Skills of an Enterprise Architect

An Enterprise Architect has to own many skills. These can be EA related skills like IT portfolio management, management related skills like communication skills and leadership as well as operational IT skills which are needed to understand the IT projects. According to Enterprise Architecture professionals,  the generic role of an Enterprise Architect comprises the understanding and interpretation of requirements, the creation of a useful model, the validation, refinement and expansion of this model as well as the management of the architecture.

So the blog ends her and in the meantime we would like to hear your thoughts and queries. you can read out more blogs and articles at ProICT Training. Moreover, to learn more about TOGAF Certification and training, you can browse their website where you can choose the right one from the  various online training certification based on your skills and knowledge level.

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