Role of architects in architectural firms

Role of architects in architectural firms

The basic requirement of every human is to have his own house. To build the house, you need to have a proper idea of how the construction will be done, for this there is a requirement of architects that will provide you with the services that will let you know how to utilize the space to its maximum limit. It is not a modern trend, earlier in ancient times also the kings used to hire the person who used the plan and design the building. And now you can find famous architecture company from which you can have the best services.

Several roles are played by the architects in the firm. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Role in project discussion: whenever the client contacts any architect firm, they have a detailed discussion about the project which they need to undertake. In the project discussion, the client clears all the things that he wants them in the future. He gives all the basic guidelines regarding the estimate of the project, the duration of the project, and the objectives of the project to the architect. After considering all these things, the architects tell his viewpoint and according to that, the client can decide whether to go with the firm or not.
  • Role in preparation of drawing: after grabbing the project, the architect needs to prepare the drawing of the project. He needs to plan every single space of the site. In this, he can visit the land where the construction is going to take place to have more knowledge about it. After all this, the architect needs to show his drawings to the client to have his opinion on his planning as well. the architect should not do any delay in submitting the drawing as any delay can lead to dismissal of the architect from the project.
  • Role in cost estimation of the construction project: the architect will be provided with the estimate of the project in the very first meeting of the discussion with the clients. He has to make such a plan that fits the budget of the client. In any case, the cost exceeds then the architect should be able to justify the extra cost that will be paid by the client and he should be able to convince him on that particular estimated price.
  • Role at the construction site: after all these steps architect plays a very important role, as he has to visit the construction frequently, to make sure that all process is being taken according to the plan made by him. He is the one who is answerable for all the happenings or mishappening that take place under his supervision.
  • Role in marketing: if the project undertaken by him becomes successful, he and his firm will gain popularity among the people. In this way, they will be able to grab the attention of more clients towards them.

So these are the roles and responsibilities undertaken by every architect from an architect firm. It is purely the choice of the customer to go for which architectural services company

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