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Requirements for PMP Certification in Delhi

PMP certification is one of the toughest tests as you need to be well prepared and meet the eligibility criteria. How eligible you are to sit for PMP depends upon you work experience and educational qualifications. But merely applying for the exam does not make sense, as training along with experience plays an important role. Enrolling for PMP classes may make things a tinge easier to clear the exam. Practical projects are very much part of the training process.

PMP is a certification that is provided to individuals who have passed the exam after having meet the eligibility criteria for clearing the exam. Since it happens to be one of the recognized and popular degrees in project management the eligibility criteria is on the strict side. A couple of reasons are attributed to comply with PMP eligibility criteria. Firstly the profession of project management is a serious one and secondly it requires theoretical knowledge and proper understanding of the techniques.

Requirements to comply with PMP eligibility certification

  • Education- the project manager must be able to read, write plans and new concepts are to be understood well to make informed decisions. An educational criterion for PMP certification may be a four year equivalent degree or a secondary high school degree. There is no bar when it comes to discipline.
  • Experience- a project manager is responsible for successful installation of a project. They need to take proper care about the designing, planning, controlling or closure of a project. They need to understand the responsibility and possess necessary managerial and leadership skills. To comply with PMP eligibility, a secondary degree holder needs to have around 7500 hours of experience in dealing, directing or executing projects. A four year degree holder may become eligible with around 4500 hours of experience in directing and leading projects. A point to consider is that the project management experience has to be in the last eight years. The PM needs to possess experience in all domain of a project from starting to the closing phase.
  • Training- Availing a certification in PMP is not an easy task. Apart from the 35 hours of project management education, and working on live projects you require close to 60 PDUs. This may require some form of training and guidance. For this PMP certification in Delhi, you may opt for a registered PMP provider or other non REPs

For management professionals it is one of the converted form of certifications. It is an esteemed form of certification and you can reap considerable rewards by availing this form of certification. It has reached a global level and employees who avail this form of certification have a higher chance of earning better remuneration. As compared to Non PMP certified managers the earning potential is on the higher side. Even the expertise and knowledge to deal with such complex projects can be achieved by this form of certification. PMP certification enables people to connect with others at a global level.

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