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Recruitment Technology Is Changing The Way You Hire, Here’s How

Recruitment is experiencing a more pronounced impact of technology and that too bringing a positive vibe in itself. As the labour market grows more candidate-driven and also the company’s brand image-driven, the recruiters and companies are working harder to attract the crème-de la crème talent across the globe.

Yes, you read it right, “across the globe”, the talent pool has expanded worldwide as the opportunity to hire through the Microsoft CRM systems and other useful software has risen substantially. Some of these advance recruiting techniques are mentioned below.

Programmatic Job Advertising

Programmatic job advertising is very similar to posting up your business online. It gets more like a PPC advertising for the recruiter and thus digital marketing as a skill should be present in the recruiter from the initial stage itself. As mentioned earlier, everything is going digital, so every filed of work needs to accept that change with open arms.

This type of advertising means to publish, purchase and optimize a job ad by electronic software, data and analytics rather than actual marketing / HRacumen of managers.

Augmented Writing

Augmented writing platforms started with the invention Textio. What basically works for augmented writing is that it presents you your thoughts in a much better way. These tools are mostly used for job posting in the HR world.

This may sound difficult but is simple and highly effective when applied. You just need to get your creative mind going and the augmented writer gets you the most effective words that can go with it. The plus point is, it is all data, people and analytics oriented.

Interview Chatbots

It is not always feasible to answer a huge bunch of people shortlisted for an interview. In cases of mass recruitment and a hiring spree, it becomes difficult to personally attend and assist all the candidates. There comes Interview Chatbots like Impress AIin the picture.

These chatbots automate hiring decisions and save 30-40 man-hours per month. It can also integrate with other HR platforms and thus making it convenient to use.

Recruitment Marketing Software

How difficult is it to target masses in marketing? The masses with mixed potential and IQ levels. You know the answer, very difficult. Imagine if you have to target masses with a high level of IQ, who knows what is a temptation in front of them and what is reality.

Thus to attract the right pool of talent in the job market, recruitment marketing software is playing a major role. The tools help in web job sourcing, employer branding, candidate relationship management, hiring analytics, and much more through market-driven data and methods.

Talent Rediscovery Software

Collecting hundreds of resume and piling them up with the previous ones to keep a track of talent and referring them whenever during a hiring spree; too much mechanical work for HR who are meant to solve the human efficiency problem themselves.

Talent rediscovery software solves this age-old problem by new-age AI-based ATS, screening and assorting of resumes as and when needed. You just need to guide this software through its final destination by inputting your desired results

Recruitment CRMs

Recruitment involves many processes, but the major one of them is talent management. When you are gathering a pool of candidates and helping in nurture them for further references too, you need to keep a healthy professional relationship and employer brand image in the process.

While chat-bot helps you to maintain that point of communication, recruitment CRM helps in the overall management by aiding and driving the sourcing team, talent pools and passive talent management.

Cognitive Automation

Robotics and Cognitive Automation makes repetitive work easy for the HR department. RPA(Robotic Process Automation) as a function of cognitive automation, automates the repetitive back-end HR functions. AI makes it possible to have valuable and actionable insights to the business problems. NLP (Natural Language Processing is a conversational system for clients, employees and internal matters.

General Data Protection Regulation

Amidst all the digital platforms offering various useful services through the exploitation of data, one cannot ignore the threat that comes with automated systems, i.e. privacy. General data protection regulation like the ones in the EU system, are here to protect every innovation that helps makes HR and business processing easier.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. Just the right collection of HR updates that you will need in 2020. Considering learning them if you are new to it or a student. Consider upgrading your business with it if you own a business, and keep a close eye on the technology updates in the HR systems this year, cause there are going to be many!


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