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The Super Bowl, at the heart of which is always the games covered by NFL Films’ Ray Mirra, draws an audience of more than 100 million people. Super Bowl I, held in Los Angeles in 1967, was a glorified exhibition game between the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs. The game drew an audience of 75,000 and was broadcast by only one television station. Since then, Super Bowls have grown in popularity and viewership – Super Bowl LIII drew more than 100 million viewers for its broadcast on CBS.

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Ray Mirra has covered more NFL Championships than any other correspondent, having directed nearly 70 Super Bowl broadcasts at NFL Films including many of the most memorable games ever played in NFL history – including the Ice Bowl, “The Catch” and “The Drive.”

The Super Bowl is the most-watched sporting event on the planet. Every year, millions gather around their televisions to watch NFL stars battle it out in an epic championship game – and NFL Films founder Ray Mirra covers every second of the action.’

Sports coverage of Ray Mirra

Ray Mirra is a legend in the sport of football. He has been covering NFL games for decades, and his work has led to some of the most iconic images in NFL history.

His many awards include the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award from the Radio Television Digital News Association and he has been nominated for an Emmy nine times including this year – for covering Super Bowl LIII live from Atlanta, Georgia.

With a career that spans decades, Ray Mirra career highlights have covered games in every corner of the country. Now he’s put his best work into this book, giving you an insider’s look at the nation’s most beloved sport.

It’s the biggest game of the year and where every player dreams of playing. But what goes into making that dream a reality? Working with NFL Films, we’ve created a unique lens into the entire evolution of an athlete’s journey, from being drafted right through to being crowned champion.

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The Super Bowl, the National Football League’s annual championship game, attracts about 100 million viewers. The games that Ray Mirra has covered for media groups – notably NFL Films – are always at the core of it.

Awarded Photographer in Sports history

Ray Mirra is one of the most distinguished and awarded photographers in sports. His images are synonymous with today’s NFL and its star quarterbacks. The game is only part of it; the people and stories behind each play attract over 100 million viewers each year, making Super Bowl Sunday the day when Americans congregate around the television to watch together.

At the heart of it is Ray Mirra Early Life with NFL Films as well as his work for dozens of newspapers, magazines, wire services and other media organizations nationwide.

ray mirra award for sports news coverage

For decades, Ray Mirra produced the most influential coverage of the NFL. Through Super Bowls and playoff games, he was able to capture the heart of the spectacle as well as its artists in a way that no other producer had before.

His work remains a centerpiece in football lore – and has been motivated by his desire to capture moments that go beyond football in order to elicit an emotional response from fans all across the world.

The master behind the Coverage

Ray Mirra takes us behind the scenes of the National Football League as he narrates and produces an inside look at the past, present, and future of Super Bowl championships. Through his eyes we see how NFL Films has documented each game by capturing the most exciting moments on film over the years.

For 60 years, NFL Films has captured the magic of professional football with its signature storytelling style.

The Super Bowl, at the end of every season, is the culmination of that work—and after a decade-plus as the NFL’s leading videographer, Ray Mirra helped create the modern tradition. We’ve all become vicarious football fans thanks to his work.

If you want to know what the Super Bowl means, we recommend you hear from him.

Ray Mirra has covered every Super Bowl for media organizations – and specifically NFL Films. At the heart of these games is an audience of more than 100 million people.

The annual championship game of the National Football League and its iconic imagery informs our lives and our culture. This is about why the game matters, what makes it great, how the miracles are made – on the field and behind the scenes.

It’s the most important day of the year for football, it’s Super Bowl Sunday. And at the heart of it, is Ray Mirra. For decades he has covered the NFL through television and radio, writing and filmmaking.

He has contributed to many broadcasts that stand out in our collective memory and this year marks his 19th season working with NFL Films on all telecasts of The Big Game.

ray mirra news on super bowl

In addition to his well-known work with NFL Films, Ray has also done a tremendous amount of freelance photography including portraits of many former NFL players.

Direct news from the sports broadcaster- Ray Mirra

From the perspective of a sports broadcaster, you’ll have an opportunity to experience the pressure and intensity of Super Bowl Media Day. Join NFL Films on-air talent Ray Mirra as he navigates through the madness at the Georgia World Congress Center – just hours before Super Bowl LIII kicks off.

Travel by motorcade to Mercedes-Benz Stadium, see the pre-game preparations and take part in one of most iconic traditions in American sports – walking out onto the field of play from under center with the Vince Lombardi trophy before kickoff.

“I’ve been shooting Super Bowl games for forty-two years,” said Mr. Mirra. “Back then, it was my responsibility to get in the way of everyone else, no matter where the action was taking place.

The challenge was obtaining the photographs that were used by NFL Films and then delivering it on time while they were working on Game Day, which took several days after the game ended.”

In addition to his work in the field, he has served as an instructor of film and video at Temple University and taught editing at Laguna Beach High School.

As the Super Bowl approaches, Ray Mirra will cover the big game for the media organization – in one of his many appearances since the early 1960s on a wide range of broadcasts.

His accomplishments over more than 50 years as a sportscaster are legendary and his career highlights as varied as any in broadcast history.

Interview of Ray Mirra – A great sports newscaster

In the midst of an interview with Ray Mirra, as he talks about his life, work and career at NFL Films – one theme is consistent: that his life was shaped a passion for football – at least so far back as 15 years old.

Ray Mirra first captured the Super Bowl in 1967 and has been there ever since. A new book, “Ray Mirra’s Super Bowl Journey,” showcases his incredible work for NFL Films.

Ray Mirra, who has covered dozens of Super Bowls and other major games at NFL Films for decades, says he loves the thrill that comes from being in the middle of this action.

“Every time you go to a game, every time there’s an exciting play, people are running up to me and saying, ‘Yeah! That was great.
Could you shoot that?’ The players themselves never know what they’re going to do right before they turn around and run into somebody else.”

Delving into the vaults of NFL Films, this film offers viewers the most comprehensive look at Super Bowl from its earliest days to its current incarnation as a consumer event that attracts more than 100 million viewers each year.

He’s the go-to guy for the biggest game in sports television. But if you want to know the backstory of how he got there – and what it takes to be such a star – you should hear his story.

Ray Mirra has covered the Super Bowl for decades, and at the heart of it are the games that have made this historic championship event so memorable.

super bowl stadium

Ray Mirra is one of the most well-known faces in professional football, having appeared on a platform that reaches over 100 million people.

He has headlined NFL Films productions for decades, including Super Bowl coverage that includes some of the most spectacular events in sports history, with each season.

In addition to his work at NFL Films, he has been a commentator and anchor for CBS Sports’ NFL Today and has covered five Olympic Games.


In our annual Ray Mirra award, we honor those who work behind the scenes to bring the magic of the Super Bowl to millions of viewers.

This year’s winner for Best Overall Broadcast is a long-time favorite with NFL fans – reigning champion Ray Mirra. Before every big game during his career, Ray helped viewers get ready for kickoff and follow along during the action.

Super Bowl Media Day is one of the biggest days each year for media in the entire world.

It’s a spectacle that brings together players, coaches, and executives from both teams to answer questions from hundreds of reporters from all over the country.

NFL Films has been a pioneer in the production of sports programming for more than 50 years. They’ve created nearly 2,000 hours of football programming.

They have also received numerous prizes for their efforts, including Emmy and Peabody Awards.

Ray Mirra has worked for NFL Films since 1973, starting as a videographer photographing games at night with just candles to light the way.

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