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Quick Ways to Factory Reset iOS Devices and Recover Data Back

Quick Ways to Factory Reset iOS Devices

You might encounter several problems while using any iOS device. So, if you are frustrated and planning to purchase a new device, then drop your plan. Here, we are going to show you how to resolve the problems that you have encountered. So, if the problem still persists then, you can go for a new device. But before we should give a try to resolve the problem on your own.

Most of the time, the problem might be solved by performing a factory reset of your iOS device. Although it sounds scary it is one of the effective procedures to resolve any problem.

Hence, stick to the last of this article and check out the steps mentioned below. We have discussed the steps that include factory resetting and ways to get back the data and files that have been deleted after factory resetting of your iOS device. 

Learn How to Factory Reset your iOS Device and Get Back the Deleted Items:

Let us consider that you have backed up the data previously. Now, follow the steps mentioned in the section below. So, if you do not know the exact steps for factory resetting, then it is difficult for you to perform the action and sometimes it can be very tricky.

Therefore, we have described the steps properly below. Simply follow the steps and then perform a factory reset and restore the data after factory resetting your iOS device.

Step 1

First of all, turn on the iOS device and then move to the Settings section. After that, head over to the General section. Now, scroll down and click on the Reset option.

Step 2

Thereafter, tap on the ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ option. In case you have set a password to access the option, enter the password in the corresponding field. You will not be able to reset your iOS device until you enter the password.

Step 3

Afterward, enter the Apple ID password. Due to this, the data stored on your iOS device will be deleted completely and the account is also deleted from your device. It will then take 4-5 minutes to complete the process. When you are done, you will get a welcome screen on the iOS screen.

After factory resetting the iOS device, return the data that are stored on your device. To restore the data, go through the steps, mentioned below.

  1. At first, re-open your account on the iOS device. When you find your account, enter the proper user ID and Password in the respective field.
  2. Now, click on the Enter button to enable your account. Now, from your account, you can restore all the data and files that are deleted after factory resetting.
  3. Thereafter, click on the restore option. But before that, ensure that you have a stable internet connection on your device.
  4. Restoring the files would take a few minutes to complete.

After completing the process, restart the system and check whether all the data recovery is successfully backed up.

Undoubtedly, these are the best method to resolve any kind of problems that you might have encountered with your iOS device. Simply give it a try and resolve the problem.

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