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Questions To Ask A Website Designer/Website Design Company Before You Hire Them

Choosing a website designer often seems complicated. Here are some questions that must be asked to a website designer or a website design company before hiring him.

  1. Check their portfolio first –

website designer or a website design company should show a range of different sites they have designed as samples. Make sure that the websites they must be online and the portfolio must be updated. If an award winning website design company Maryland shows a thumbnail, then the actual site looks like the thumbnail.


  1. Do they use WordPress or not?

Keep some good website designers and website design company in your whilst, which you can prefer in case of needs. Today in the modern era, almost every company uses WordPress. The company must be such that it must stand during the times of downfall. If your site is shop based then your website designer or a website design company must suggest something such as ZenCart or Magento.

  1. Will pricing be transparent or will it change with time?

Even though WordPress is free these days but it doesn’t mean that the website designer’s time is free as well.  The time which he spends in doing the word, he must be paid for it. The rest of the extras depends upon him whether the charges are included or not. Some extraordinary website designers have been known to charge thousands of rupees for designs, so be aware of such things.

  1. Will the site be search engine optimized or not?

A website designer or a website design company must not be aware of all the formalities and rules of SEO, but always keep in mind that some website designs are into existence since the birth of the internet. So, always prefer such a website design or company where a person must have basic knowledge of SEO such as page titles, page descriptions, and headlines.

  1. How easy will it be for the customer to make changes?

For each mistake made you’ll not reach the website design company, again and again, so for that to take access from the designer is more convenient. WordPress is easy to use and your website designer should give you complete access to add new pages without any difficulty.

     6. What happens if we fall out?

Fall out is not decided at the starting of the website design process. It’s heard at the end when the whole process is done.

website design company should take care of this while telling about your terms to your customers.

Always, check who owns the design, costs, and after-effects as it’s much better to do this at the start.


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