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Protect Garage Floor from Winter Damage


Needless to say, winters can be harsh for the garage floors. Particularly, the road salt residue which drips from the car after parking it in the garage can be quite damaging. It consists of a chemical cocktail that often includes ingredients such as calcium magnesium acetate, sodium acetate, as well as calcium hydroxide. This is what makes the idea of Garage Floor Cleaning more relevant than ever. 


So, let’s take a look now at how you can safeguard the garage floors from winter damage – 

  1. Try out floor mats – By far, floor mats are the quickest and easiest way of protecting the garage flooring. They are also called floor containment mats. These mats are used to lay on the garage’s floor and to collect any ice, snow, snowmelt, road salts. You can easily do the Garage Floor Cleaning through them without any hassle. You can also clean any sort of decking solution which might be tracked in through the boots or car. 


The floor mats are easy-to-install. Just lay down the mat over the problematic areas such as those places where you park the cars. You can also place them right in front of the garage door. These mats will absorb the water & will collect the leftover debris and they are easy-to-clean as well. 

  1. Give an impressive pre-cleaning to the garage door – Please note that it won’t prevent Garage Floor Damage from taking place. Still, it is a good step as this can decrease the damage amount you need to handle in the spring. Damage and stains multiply more instantly than you think & a tiny damage amount only breeds more damage. So, what is the perfect way of putting a stop to this cycle? Well, give the garage floor a complete cleaning before the arrival of winters.


Scrub away the Garage Floor Damage like the stains of the last winter. Patch the pit and holes along with getting the floor looking spick & span. Once after finishing all of these steps, you can actively prevent damage with sheer ease. 

  1. Stay on top of the cleaning – One of the most suitable ways to keep the garage looking at its best is by cleaning it daily. After the storm blows through & pushes salt and snow, get there with the wet vac and soapy warm water. Clean up the salt as soon as it gets laid down. What’s more? You can prevent it from causing the stains in the first place.


You can also take the help of the professional Garage Builder Calgary to avoid any major inconvenience. Anytime you notice a huge chunk of icy water or salt sitting on the garage floor, clean it up. It may not sound like fun, particularly in winters. However, a bit of additional work now can save you plenty of work in the spring. 

  1. Add on the Epoxy Coating – Another famous tactic for winterizing the garage floor is Epoxy coating by the Garage Builder. Being among the toughest garage floor sealers for the snow, the sealant will efficiently keep out every winter weather type. Ultimately, it will keep the garage floor damage-free and clean. Also, epoxy coatings are an appealing alternative due to how convenient are they to learn. 


However, please note that you can’t apply these coatings types in lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. In case the weather is colder than the same during the installation procedure, its coating won’t cure appropriately. Do you desire this coating type for protecting the garage floor? Well, then you will need to plan & install it well before the winter season sets in. 

  1. Use Garage Floor Tiles – Rather than directly updating the concrete floor surface, use the interlocking floor tiles in your garage. These might be more suitable for the floor upgrade budget. Do you have floor damage that is out of the price range to be fixed? Then floor tiles are an affordable alternative for protecting garage floors and covering up the unattractive surface. 


Yes, the floor tiles won’t solve any concerns actually with the garage floor degradation. However, they do assist maintain further surface destruction from wear & tear taking place. Moreover, the floor tiles are made from stronger PVC materials/plastic for extra durability while put on the concrete floor. A few types need mortar and adhesive to install, however, search for the much easier-to-work-with kind featuring interlocking teeth. 

  1. Try out Floor Sealer – Another well-known item homeowners pick for protecting the garage floors is the roll-on sealers. They are cost-effective, relatively easy-to-apply, as well as come in latex, urethane, and acrylic types. However, do they Repair garage floors? As the name suggests, it offers a seal for your floor which can safeguard it from water damage and stains. However, the sealers don’t perform as that of epoxy and polyaspartic floor coatings in terms of floor protection. 



They don’t bond to concrete & top-quality coatings. Also, they wear away quicker. The clear concrete sealers won’t hide the blemishes from patches & repairs on your floor before you apply the sealer. You can use the tints for adding a bit of color and generating visual outcomes. 


Always remember that it is never too late to Repair garage floors and winterize the same. Take advantage of the several flooring alternatives available to secure the concrete & prevent winter damage hazards. The effort and time spent now might save you from headaches & the site of the destroyed floor later. So, make sure to restore the garage floor from previous winter damages & take the relevant steps for preventing further damage. 




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