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Project Management and a weekend prince2 style

My first project was very different from what is happening today because I was the only one doing the actual work.  This made the project very enjoyable and I was able to successfully complete it.  While this article may seem complex, it is not that.  It gives an introduction to how to manage a project and you may find this useful in your own job. As on a prince 2 Weekend certification London.

A definition of project that I have heard many times before is:”A project is a temporary effort, started to achieve a specific goal, in which limited resources are dedicated and satisfactorily worked over until completion.”  You can use this definition to have fun, too!

There are many activities involved in a project, and if you are addressing an audience and/or setting out to fulfill something specific, then you are describing a project for them.  Think about setting your expectations for the audience, or don’t and see if you would be right.  Projects can work with or without you, as long as an opportunity for the audience to work with you is offered.  If that opportunity is not offered, then the project doesn’t have any life to it, no, but a failure in project management.

It is necessary to estimate the time and cost as accurately as possible while this is going on, otherwise there is no point in spending that much time, what is the point, it won’t be enough to make it show any results, do you see the point?

How many resources should be dedicated to the project and this is important as it might be open to many other tasks, meaning that you are giving a small amount of focus to this project?  To get an accurate gauge, project managers are often taught to divide a whole project up so that resources are offered to only the sections of the project that are needed.  The other areas are given less attention and resources are focused on them.

From an accounting point of view, you would say that resources are the time (or money) that is preferably planned budgets, but this is not enough information to make a final decision.  tricky I know?

To start, you would open the project management software, allocate your resources and set up the public task list.  This is a list of all the projects that need to be completed.  It also gives you a visual picture of the clear priority of each project.  As you gain experience you can do this with the Software and then by preference and use a sticky note to write down each project.  This also gives you a visual record of the important projects that need your attention.

While the project management process doesn’t always seem to play a very obvious part in project management, that is because most people don’t do much more than set up their project management system.  The reasons for this are many, but most common are:  lack of an in house project manager, lack of a project plan or estimate or absence of a process to review performance.

The project plan must include the time duration, budget and the activities in the order you will achieve those goals.  This is a more detailed description of the planning stages and with it you can start to understand the value of set goals.

The next step is to write down the goals for each project in terms of deliverables (aka objectives), but also as a way of tracking ongoing activities.  If you are setting up an organizational chart for the project (and you should be) you can do this on a project management system with themes that you can move around.  In this way, you can observe where the resources are going at any time other than in real life.

Once the project plan is written and the recommendations made for each project, the project plan must be updated to reflect any new information, which may have occurred during your project progress, such as changes in dates.

Keeping a project documentation system is important because it helps you stay on track with either your own or your team.  Most people are not even aware they are doing it.

Cultivating a management mind set is probably one of the most important steps in project management.  If you are not self managing, others could step in and be promoted over you without notice.  Even if you are self managing, always look to learn all that you can before hand and be sure you are willing to grow.  If you are not self managing, chances are, you have a great project manager who is versatile and consistently flexible.

I hope you enjoyed this article and is it useful to you.  To find other articles in this series,just go to my site.

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