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Professional cleaning ovens against self-cleaning ovens

Professional cleaning ovens against self-cleaning ovens

You might consider purchasing a self-cleaning oven, believing that it will be the solution to all of your prayers. After all, who wants to spend hours cleaning their oven? However, there are some factors to consider in self-cleaning ovens. Below we compare the difference between a self-cleaning oven and a professional oven cleaning service.

Self-cleaning ovens

Surprisingly, self-cleaning ovens have been around since The 1960s. However, there is still some confusion about how they work and whether they deserve it. Generally, self-cleaning ovens do a good job of cleaning inside the oven. Removing accumulation of grease and dirt that may take hours to be manually cleaned. Most self-cleaning ovens are either Pyrolytic vs Catalytic, discover the differences between the two here.

Pros of self-cleaning ovens

  • Comfort – perhaps the most useful benefit of self-cleaning ovens as it provides an alternative to hours of manual cleaning.
  • No harsh chemicals – self-cleaning ovens eliminate the need for harmful chemical cleaners. Most self-cleaning ovens only require wiping them with a damp cloth to remove residual debris and lemon can be used for freshness.
  • Energy – Self-cleaning ovens are provided with very heavy insulation, which allows the oven to reach extreme temperatures when cleaning. This means that the insulation also helps maintain heat during cooking, thus reducing the amount of energy used. This can lead to significant energy savings during the life of the oven.
  • Tip: Turn on the self-cleaning function immediately after cooking, to take advantage of the accumulated heat already.

Cons of self-cleaning ovens

  • High temperatures – Some self-cleaning ovens can reach a maximum temperature of 400 degrees. This means that the oven can get very hot when touched. For more information on the risks of self-cleaning ovens, read our blog here.
  • Smoke and odors – most self-cleaning ovens use the thermal method. This is where the oven burns dirty food to ash. However, during the process, some ovens may produce smoke and unpleasant odors. In general, the dirtier the oven, the more likely it is that smoke and odors will occur.
  • No professional finish – unfortunately with most self-cleaning ovens, a degree of manual work is still required. Manual cleaning is required to remove dirt that was burned by the cleaning process. Self-cleaning ovens cannot also clean the door frame, seal, and edges. However, the door frame, seal, door, and glass edges are usually included in the professional oven cleaning service.

Professional oven cleaning

  • Convenience – Professional oven cleaning can be completed within hours and the devices are safe to use immediately. Ovenclean specialists will leave the kitchen, how they found it, causing minimal discomfort to your home. All removable parts are soaked and cleaned in a specialized bathroom outside your home. Which means that there is neither chaos nor noise.
  • Safety First – Ovenclean specialists use an innovative caustic system without the addition. So, your kitchen is safe, healthy, and free from bad fumes. Ideal for homes with small children and pets.
  • Professionals – Ovenclean professionals are professionals. The self-cleaning oven cannot produce the same cleaning standards as an experienced oven cleaning specialist.
  • High standards – Ovenclean removes all grease, grease, and grease on grime, while fully protecting the device’s enamel surface.
  • No high temperatures – With professional oven cleaning, there’s no need for your oven to reach high temperatures, which creates a safer environment.

Now you have more information about the differences between self-cleaning ovens and professional ovens cleaning, including the advantages and disadvantages of both methods. You can now decide which is better for your home. If you want to get a free quote without the commitment from your local Ovenclean specialist, please click the button below.

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