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Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth My Money?

On-spot Carpet Cleaning Services for Residential & Commercial


If you have been asking this question lately, this post is just the right place for you to be. A huge majority of American houses have carpet flooring, even if it is confined to one room. Keeping a carpet clean is not an easy task. You must be a proactive homeowner to keep a carpet fresh and clean.

A lot of people struggle with maintaining a stain-free and odor-free carpet. If you have kids or pets at your home the task gets a bit more difficult. Most of the time, regular cleaning efforts suffice the need. But home experts are often seen suggesting professional carpet cleaning once in a year.

Some of them are in favor of professional cleaning twice a year. Should you hire Carpet Cleaning Services in Lakewood WA? Is it worth your money? The simple answer is “yes”.

I have compiled some amazing benefits of professional carpet cleaning services for you. Let us have a look at them.

Carpet Cleaning Services Lakewood WA
                                                                                      Carpet Cleaning Services Lakewood WA

1. Longevity Of Carpet

All of us know that dirt residues can weaken the carpet fibers over time. Spills and stains can affect the longevity of a carpet. A professional cleaning twice a year can significantly extend the life of the carpet. If the traffic is not much, you can get it cleaned once a year. The decision depends on the traffic.

  1. Deep Cleaning

Regular vacuuming takes care of the loose dirt and residues but professional cleaning is essential to get rid of deeper residues. The experts have got the expertise and right set of equipment to get deeper into the carpet fibers. Most of the homeowners hire professional cleaners to get rid of the tiny odor-producing particles and mold spores.

3. Ensure Healthier Environment

If you want your home carpet to take care of your health, you must be taking care of its cleanliness. Dirty carpets are breeding grounds of bacteria, viruses, and fungus.

The most common type of fungus is the mold and its spores are dispersed through the air. If you want to breathe in a clean and healthy indoor air begin with getting your carpets professionally cleaned.

4. Complete Removal Of Stubborn Stains

There are several DIY tips and tricks to get rid of stains. You can dozens of them on the internet. But all of you would agree that some stains just don’t do away. Whatever you do to get rid of them is not enough. Professionals get into the picture at this point and clean away all the stubborn stains.

It is important to remember that not all carpet cleaning companies are created equal. You need to check the general reputation and BBB ratings of a company before trusting them for cleaning.

5. No Harmful Residues

A lot of us rely on detergents and shampoos for DIY carpet washing. Leftover residues can affect the longevity of the carpet.

When you hire professionals for carpet cleaning, they make sure that no harmful residues are left in the fabric. The chemicals can also be skin irritants. If you have sensitive skin, request your cleaner to use only mild cleaners.

6. Removes The Traffic Lane Effect

Visible traffic lanes on a carpet are very annoying to look at. Everyone wants to get rid of them. If your carpet has not yet expired, a professional cleaning can neutralize the damaging effects of traffic.

The lanes are generally due to the dust accumulated in the fibers. The areas where fibers have worn out due to the friction may not be healed but cleaning fades out the effect.

7. Improves Aesthetics

Imagine entering a room with carpet flooring and smelling a nasty smell. The aesthetics of a room et severely affected by the appearance and odor coming out of the carpet. If you want to leave an impact on the visitors, friends, and family, get your carpets professionally cleaned.

8. Time Efficient

Almost all of the DIY hacks take time. If you do not have time to spare and clean the fabric on your own, take some help from the experts in the field.

They have managed dozens if not hundreds of such projects so they can manage the given work in the assigned time. Make sure that the carpet is completely dry.

The Verdict

The amazing number of benefits of professional carpet cleaning can outweigh the expenses at any given time. Take out some time to find the Best Commercial Cleaning Services in Lakewood WA and get to walk on a fresh and clean carpet. It is worth your hard earned money!

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