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Problems of Educational System in Pakistan

Education shapes a person’s life and it derives a country’s growth. It makes people more sensible and allows them to make decisions that not only benefit them but others as well. It also enables humans to differentiate between right and wrong and generally makes them more aware of their surroundings. Education is the key to national development and no country can develop without its citizens being educated.

It is an important sector for any country. A country needs education to grow economically, socially, and culturally. Education is what leads a country towards advancement and helps achieve economic stability. Without proper education countries often suffer and show no growth.

Pakistan needs an education system more than ever in order to get out of the growing poverty and unemployment. Pakistan’s education sector has always suffered and lacked. Over the years billions are invested in the education sector but still, it has a number of problems because of which Pakistan is unable to develop the way it should have been.

According to Professional Thesis Writing in Pakistan, here are some of the problems of the educational system in Pakistan.

Quality of Teaching

Teaching in Pakistan is mostly considered to be a hobby. If you go and look at the faculties of different private institutions, you will find teachers who are either inexperienced and have not even completed their own education or teachers who are working to pass their time. Someone who is not passionate about what they are doing will always lack in providing the results. As far as the public institutions are concerned, teachers are often hired on the basis of favoritism and bribery.

No Uniformity

Private and public institutions have separate curriculum and syllabuses. Education in Pakistan is divided by class and financial differences. Even in private schools, there is a class divide. Schools decide their own syllabus without any guidelines. Children from a very young age are aware of these disparities which develop a sense of inferiority and superiority. Even the provinces have different study materials and examinations.

Outdated Syllabus

Almost all the education systems in this world are moving forward by introducing advanced techniques of teaching, updated study materials, and several technological advancements but Pakistan is stuck at the outdated versions of the syllabus. Children these days are studying from the same books their parents once studied from. The syllabus has not changed for the last two decades.

Learning over Practical

Practical learning is completely ignored by the education system of Pakistan. Children are forced to learn from books and achieve good grades and are not at all motivated to learn something through experience. The only agenda of the education system is to make students learn without any proper skills. It’s not only the fault of educational systems, but parents are also involved in this problem, and all they want are good grades and a respectable degree without caring about what their child is interested in.

Fee Structures

Private schools seem to be a business rather than an institute that is responsible for providing quality education to students who can benefit the country. Fee structures are sky high and not everyone can afford to send their children to get an education. There was a time when the government was able to provide quality education to students but not anymore. Private institutes are taking advantage of the situation and are continuously increasing their fee demands. Everyone should have a right to education but it seems too farfetched in Pakistan.

The new government is taking drastic steps for the education sector; they are trying to eliminate the educational disparity by establishing a uniform syllabus and are working hard to provide equal opportunities to the students.  Putting all the out of school children in school is also one of the main priorities of this government. Let’s hope and pray that Pakistan actually makes advancements in the education sector and get rid of all the problems as soon as possible.

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