Prepare a car for Technical Vehicle Inspection

Regularly inspecting the vehicle will help ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive on the road and does not emit excess polluting gases into the atmosphere. If the date of the vehicle technical inspection is approaching, you want to perform preventive maintenance before selling your car online in New Zealand or you want to make sure that the used vehicle is 100% before you buy it, do some basic checks before performing the technical inspection vehicles, it can save you some time and money.

Check the technical functionality before carrying out the technical inspection of the vehicle. Before taking your car for a vehicle technical inspection, you must ensure that all technical aspects of the vehicle are working properly. This includes the following:

Check the lighting system. Make sure all lights (headlights, turn signals, brake lights, license plate lights, etc.) are working properly.
• Does the horn work?
• Make sure the windshield wipers work.
• Does the heating and fans work?
• Does the car have a steering wheel lock?
• Make sure the speedometer accurately shows your speed.
• Check that the vehicle windows are not damaged.
• Is the exhaust pipe too low or does it fit snugly in place?

If any of the above items are not in good working order, make sure they have been fixed before conducting the vehicle technical inspection.
Examine safety components prior to vehicle technical inspection

It is essential that your vehicle is safe for driving on the road. You can check the safety of the vehicle yourself. Checking the following points can help you pass the vehicle technical inspection:

If there are illuminated warning lights on the dashboard, look in the owner’s manual or consult a mechanic to find out why.
• Examine the brake pads for wear.
• Does the car roll to one side when braking?
• Perform an oil change and make sure all fluid reservoirs are full.
• Does the car leak any liquid?
• Make sure the parking brake works properly.
• Are the tires in good condition? The tread should be at least 1.6mm deep and worn evenly.

Some vehicle safety features are difficult to check and repair at home. When necessary, take your car to the workshop before a technical vehicle inspection.

Have all the legal requirements in order before the technical inspection of vehicles

Make sure you have all the necessary documentation available. This includes vehicle registration, insurance documentation, maintenance records, etc.
Is the license plate legible?

Make sure you have a first aid kit and emergency triangles in the vehicle. Gathering all the necessary documentation before conducting a technical vehicle inspection will help you speed up the process.

Are you buying or selling a used vehicle?

Before buying or selling a used vehicle, make sure it has passed the vehicle technical inspection to date. If you are buying a used vehicle, ask the previous owner about all the car’s maintenance records. Additionally, obtaining a Vehicle History Report can help ensure that you will not buy a car with a negative history (for example, odometer reversal). If you otherwise want to sell your car, providing the buyer with the AUTOFORTRADE Vehicle History Report will demonstrate transparency and build confidence in the purchase.

The AUTOFORTRADE vehicle history provides both buyers and sellers with valuable information about a used vehicle. Both will find in the AUTOFORTRADE report the technical inspection history of vehicles, as well as the history of the services provided. By showing this information to your buyers, you can convince them that they are making a good investment in buying your car.
In addition, buyers can find information on mileage, number of previous owners, whether the car was stolen, whether it was used as a taxi or for private use, and much more in the AUTOFORTRADE report of the used vehicle. Show the AUTOFORTRADE Report and make a successful sale!

Technical inspection of vehicles in brief

There are many things that can be done before performing a vehicle technical inspection to ensure that your vehicle successfully passes the test. Check the operation of the technical and safety components, as well as have all the necessary documentation. This will ensure that your vehicle has a better chance of passing the technical vehicle inspection!

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