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Pregnancy Month Calendar and Pregnancy Calculator

Pregnancy is a term used to refer to the state of a woman below 9 months during which 1 or more offspring develop in her womb. A pregnancy calculator is a tool that you can use to estimate a pregnancy schedule based on the provided due date, ultrasound date, last period, conception date and IVF transfer date. A pregnancy calculator is a good way to ensure that your pregnancy and delivery goes on seamlessly. It is a perfect way to ensure you get all your appointments with your doctors on time to ensure both your health and your child’s health.

Delivery occurs in 38 weeks after conception or 40 weeks after the last period. Knowing what date you are due is a good idea since it puts you in a position to prepare for your baby. You can get ready medically, mentally and even economically so that when the baby is finally born, you will be an awesome mother.

A pregnancy month calendar is a better way of getting a better detailed analysis of how your pregnancy develops over time and how your body reacts to each stage. This way it is easier to notice any anomalies and you will therefore know when to see the doctor.

Pregnancy Detection and Management

Pregnancy detection these days is pretty straight forward and easy. You could use a store bought or medical pregnancy test. This detects hormones that act as biomarkers to know if you are in fact pregnant.

Another way to detect pregnancy is by the woman noticing symptoms of pregnancy. These symptoms include missing a period increased basal body temperature fatigue nausea and increased rate of urination. It is however advisable to confirm these physical Symptoms by doing a medical test to be sure so that you can get onto a pregnancy month calendar.

Pregnancy Management

After you know that you are in fact pregnant it is important to manage the pregnancy correctly to ensure that you give birth to a healthy child and you remain healthy during and after your pregnancy and this is where a pregnancy month calendar comes in. This means that you have to take care of yourself in the child inside you during the nine months reduce risks of complication during and after birth.

One of the most important aspects of this is nutrition. You need to eat a healthy and well balanced diet to ensure that you receive enough nutrients so that you can help the child develop healthy. Your diet should be well outlined in the pregnancy calculator to ensure you get well fed in the right time. It is very important that you take in a lot of vitamins B which is folic acid, DHA and Omega 3 are also very important.

You should consult a doctor to get a professional opinion on what to eat and what to avoid eating during different stages of the pregnancy. This to yourself would be safe and healthy and the pregnancy will not take too much of a toll on your body.

Exercise is also very important. This is good not only for keeping fit but also has other medical advantages for both you and your child. It is proven that exercising reduces the risk of fetal injury during the pregnancy. Exercising is healthy for both you and your child and it is a good idea but it is important that you don’t go too far with the exercises since it might cause you pain and harm the fetus.

It is good to get checkups regularly just to be safe. You should see a doctor in case you experience symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, calf pain or swelling and amniotic fluid leakage. These are all warnings for what could turn out to be a big problem in the future and you should not take chances when it comes to your child.

Weight gain. Weight gain in a pregnancy is inevitable since another human is literally growing inside you. While it might seem negligible, weight gain is an important part of a pregnancy and it affects a lot of other aspects of the pregnancy and the child. It affects the weight of the baby, the placenta, circulatory fluid and the fat and protein stores. A pregnancy calculator or pregnancy month calendar will show you when you are underweight or if you have gained too much depending on your doctor’s guidelines.

Medication. Medication is about what the mother takes during the pregnancy. Some medication have effects on the fetus while others are safe. Medication is therefore classified into categories from A, B, C, D and X by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Drugs under A are good for the mother and have no effects on the fetus while those in category X are very harmful. You should get a professional opinion on what medication to use as you go up your Pregnancy month calendar to ensure you keep the baby safe.

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