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Powerful expressions and keywords used in IELTS

With an outbreaking rise in IELTS applicants, the competition level is turning fierce where students’ aims are hitting the sky, the scoring level is expeditiously spreading its feet and students are working day and night to achieve 8+ bands in IELTS coaching in Ludhiana.

To score well in the upcoming IELTS exam candidate is required to use convincing arguments, astonishing introduction, academic vocabulary, and logical conclusion. This can only be done if the candidate is well versed with powerful expressions and keywords that can leave a remarkable imprint on the invigilator. Impressive vocabulary and power expressions can’t come in just a few days, so to learn them a candidate should make a routine of writing and listing these words with full concentration. 

If you will provide a few sets of proficient vocabulary to your mind every day then after a few months you will surely notice a change in your paragraph writing, essay, or letter. If you think you require assistance from a reliable platform that can offer you myriads of powerful words for further use. Link with the trustworthy institute offering the best  IELTS coaching in Ludhiana today. 

Read the article further to get a deep insight into some powerful expressions and words that can transform your entire way of writing :

  • To put it another way- To explain something in a more convincing way

This phrase is one of the uncommon mixups of words that is basically used to give content a new transformation. It is one of the best ways for expanding complex arguments.  It is basically done when the writer feels that the reader requires more clarity about the subject. This phrase is used at the starting of the sentence to add more convincing ences to the whole essay. Join the IELTS coaching in Ludhiana now.

  • However – Mostly used to introduce a statement with contraction

This word works as a conjunction for connecting two sentences.  It’s one of the most simple and mostly used for introducing any conflicting and contrasting statements to the essay. This will not only offer a broader understanding of the subject but also makes the sentence genuine. By using these words a candidate presents the argument in a more balanced and well-maintained way. More similar phrases that can sum up the meaning of However are ‘on the other hand’ ‘having said that, or ‘in comparison’. Looking for an adept source who can offer you the best guidance about powerful words! Connect with the best platform offering effective IELTS Classes Jalandhar.

  • Despite this- In spite of

This phrase is used for acknowledging a shortfall in the piece of evidence and in the statement. Despite this gives you an opportunity to enable you to outline a point without having the exact evidence about that particular statement. It is used to make the statement more convincing and trustworthy. The other words that you can use in the place of despite this are ‘notwithstanding’,  ‘nevertheless’,  ‘nonetheless’, and  ‘in spite of’.  If you think that for scoring 8+ bands you require guidance from specialists then look no further and link with the best platform for providing reliability. Join now the IELTS coaching in Ludhiana.

  • For instance- Example of

Some phrases are so impressive that they leave invigilators mesmerized. They not only impress the paper checking body but it also helps them to learn new things.  Similar to this For instance is used to give essay more authentication to make it productive. Repeatedly using ‘for example’ can really trigger the mindset of the examining body. So, instead of that, you can use for instance because it will make your essay more fluent and articulate. Other words used in the presence of for instance are to illustrate’,  ‘suppose that’, ‘to give an illustration, and ‘such as’.Join now the IELTS coaching in Ludhiana

  • Compelling- evoking interest, admiration, and attention in a powerful way

This word is more appealing and makes the essay look more captivating than before. Adding words like this to the essay can easily make your write-up more convincing and empowering. After reading an essay filled with powerful words the invigilator can easily make out the candidate is proficient in English and knows the exact meaning of the words. Instead of Compelling, you can use ‘captivating’, ‘gripping’, ‘spellbinding’, and ‘mesmeric’.

Here are some additional words that can help you improve your bands:


Time phrases Expressing ideas Cause and solutions Expressing condition Concluding
To begin with Certainly Due to If To summarize
At the same time Undoubtedly Owing to Whether In conclusion
LastSimultaneously Doubtless Because of In case Lastly
After this / that No doubt Because Unless Finally
Since Definitely I guess it’s because Provided that To conclude with
While Of course The best way to solve this So that In short
As soon as More or less The main reason is I suppose the main difference between Wrapping up
First So that It was caused by I think one important thing is Summing up
During So to speak I reckon the only answer is Moreover All in all
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