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Pleasure or safety?

A comparison between ultra-thin and chemical-free condoms

The world of intimacy is filled with lots of fantasies! Condoms make confirm for you to enjoy it without any worries. With variety among them, it brings users to Delima to opt for which one. Selection of some condoms like ULTRA-THIN condoms may adversely affect your body and sexual relationship. On the other hand, there are some like CHEMICAL-FREE condoms which are NON-LUBRICATED and provide you both safety and pleasure. A perfect man is one who goes for the safety of his love. Choosing the best will not only make you the man she wants but also will be an agent of strengthening your bond.

It is very easy to go with wrong but tough to choose right! Brands like BLEU cares for their customers and have come up with the CHEMICAL-FREE condoms for chemical-free love. Chemical-free condoms while manufacturing are kept away from chemicals such as Paraben, Benzocaine, Nitrosamine, and artificial flavors. The use of these condoms ensures that women does not go through nasty experiences such as irritation, burning sensation after love sessions. Bleu’s chemical-free condoms have HYPOALLERGIC properties making themselves suitable for sensitive skin as well and are non-lubricated. There are rarely those condoms that are made without any chemical and this fact is not revealed by most of the brands. Wondering whether it hampers pleasure? Need not to think much! Chemical-free condoms come with a combo of pleasure and safety. It is vital to take care of your body including intimate area and when condoms like chemical-free are there then it is easier for you to just buy one and enjoy love sessions being care-free. Many couples have broken the mindset that chemical-free condoms are unlike other condoms. It is more than a condom indeed with safety for you. In today’s time when everything comes with a coating of chemical, chemical-free condoms are opposite to this trend ensuring your zero appointments with doctors.

Alluring ultra-thin condoms are trending nowadays. Every couple gets attracted to these condoms without letting themselves aware of its repercussions. These are the agents for providing discomfort to women with vaginal itching and dryness. They have chemical liquids applied on their surface for lubrication. Many times these condoms cause discomfort to males as well due to non-resistance to sensitive skin. While you enjoy pleasure with ultra-thin condoms there is always a risk of condoms getting torn. It is like a devil in disguise giving happiness in the initial stage and later taking revenge on using it. These condoms can never beat chemical-free condoms. The USP of these condoms are pleasure at the risk of sexual health. There is no surety of these condoms that they will not harm its customers as they hardly go through quality checks. They also don’t go through the leak & elasticity test. The use of these condoms is simply an indication of your love getting adulterated. One of the rising health-related problems are related to intimate area one of the reason is the use of such kind of condoms adding money in the pockets of doctors.

All in all, it is high time to start thinking about what you are using and keep yourself aware of what is going on. Hence chemical-free condoms give you a complete package of safety. Its time to eliminate ultra-thin and bring chemical-free condoms.

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