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Please help the people in need to raise the peace flag high

During this era in many areas of the world, people are living a very miserable life worse than animals because they don’t have the basic necessities of life like food and shelter, health, and education. So we have made a platform where we persuade people to please help those who are in need and living life worst than animals. We can consider an example of the people of different countries of Africa who are living a miserable life as many children die due to a shortage of food and basic facilities so your small donation fills light in Africa. There are many organizations which are collecting funds for such people they have many via’s through which the money pass and then is received by the needy, but this platform ensures the donors that the donations will be received by the acceptors in a timely manner without soo many deductions as the platform charges a managing fee of only 2 percent of the total amount.
By the calculations, we can say just over 50 percent of the world’s population lives in households with enough disposable income to be considered “middle class” or “rich”. The other 50 percent are poor and living life without any basic facilities. For such people please donate so that they can also live life by having basic food and shelter needs. At a stage of life when people achieve their goals but still they think something is missing which makes them curious to achieve that and due to to which they lose self-satisfaction and internal happiness. They have enough money to enjoy and to live a life full of luxuries and joy but still, they are unhappy. Gofundme platform encourages such people to donate to the needy and satisfy themself by the feeling that they have done something fruitful for others. As many small drops make a river, so every single penny donated by you has a value in the total amount of donation. As this platform has donors and acceptors from all around the world so this raises a peace flag and gives the lesson of peace and harmony. This platform also provides a lesson that united we stand we will prosper so give lively to others for the welfare of mankind.
The gofundme platform cheers the people in need to make donation requests at the time of need by simply registering into the platform. The platform verifies the legitimacy of the person who submitted the registration form for the appeal of please help. Then you are allowed to submit the donation request but before submitting a donation request, you have to pay 20 dollars to any of the projects in the queue as this is a donation procedure to collect the donations in a timely manner. The projects or donation requests of different categories can be added to the platform i.e Health and education, the cure for cancer, food for hunger, product donation request, and donations for innovative and creative ideas. As donors from different walks of life visit this platform so before writing a donation request story you have to keep in mind how to make a go fund me page go viral? Because the viral page grabs more visitors as well as donations. You can also present a video presentation to attract more donors.
When the amount specified by you in please help appeal is achieved then you can make a withdrawal request after thanking your donors who donated you in your crucial time. There is a small managing fee of 2 percent of the total amount charged by the gofundme platform which is also used for welfare purposes.

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