Picking out the Best Cold Steel Knife

Picking out the Best Cold Steel Knife

Cold Steel Knife Company is a fan favorite in a lot of ways. Lynn Thompson and crew’s charismatic videos have made quite a number of fans over the years, fans who just love to see the type of abuse Cold Steel knives and tools can dish out – and take.

Now, admittedly, Cold Steel has probably made as many enemies as friends, because there are many in the “knife and tool” community who just don’t like to see such bravado. To some, the proof of a knife or tool is in the use of it, and it doesn’t need to be so flamboyantly displayed.

Even with that in mind, there is no denying one thing – whether you love or hate Cold Steel knives and tools, they are ridiculously tough and in a lot of ways represent a nearly ideal balance between quality and value.

Even more important, Cold Steel doesn’t just make a huge assortment of different types of knives. They also produce a number of tools for self defense, as well as bushcraft and sporting tools such as spearheads, arrowheads, machetes and axes. There’s not too much you can’t find in a line of Cold Steel Products.

That leaves most people with no shortage of things to love about Cold Steel, but if you are a first time buyer looking for quality in a Cold Steel knife, it can be a little more than tough to sift through all of the options. Therefore, if you are thinking such terms as “the best Cold Steel knife” you need to slow down and figure out what you need it for first.

That’s because there is no “best Cold Steel knife,” at least not in any objective sense of the word. There is not “best knife” from any company, although you can put figures to best sellers and try to make a relative assessment of the popularity of a given model.

Instead, you should concern yourself with your reasoning for needing a knife before you can go looking for one that is better or worse than any other model. As stated, the term best may be superlative, but in truth, it’s going to be defined more by why you need the knife than by the knife itself.

For example, if you need a pocket knife for EDC, you’ll want a knife that is discrete and light, but still tough enough to put to certain hard tasks. You’ll want a knife that can provide the edge retention to slice through a cardboard box for the recycling bin and not start chewing on the fiber halfway through the job. Perhaps you would want a folding knife with a pocket clip for everyday carry to accomplish that aim. When it comes to an EDC knife, Cold Steel has not been shirking in its duties.

Then you might want a fixed blade for utility or for hunting, or even a fixed blade for EDC knives instead of folding knives. In that event, you would still want a tough knife with a full tang in place of a locking mechanism. Whether you want one with a clip point or a drop point blade to best execute your demands is up to you, but you can find no shortage of examples in any collection of Cold Steel knives – knives that will come to you razor sharp and stay razor sharp for a long time.

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