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Pick Up Your Extra Wide Hiking Boots at XL Feet

We’ll be blunt about this. You should get your Extra Wide Hiking Boots at XL Feet. Why? Well, the first reason that you should get them there is because they have them. That’s the first hurdle you’ll have to cross if you’re shopping for extra wide hiking boots for your wide feet.

The second reason is the fact that you will fairly have your pick of styles and brands. Perhaps you are someone who appreciates the significance of a good pair of waterproof boots for keeping you comfortable and preventing abrasion. Perhaps you appreciate a quality pair of boots that offers good insulation so you can stay on the trail through the wicked winter temperatures. Perhaps you’re someone who likes the extra stability of ankle support. Whether you love Dunham’s or Drew Shoes or some other national brand, you’ll find these features in a wide selection of extra wide hiking boots at Here are some top picks in hiking boots in wide widths.

Drew Shoe Boulder Low Cut Hiker Shoe
This is a great pair of extra wide hiking boots that won’t just keep you comfortable on the trail, they’ll keep you comfortable anywhere you take them out. Drew Shoe is famous for its orthotic technology and these hikers feature two removable footbeds, have double depth and can even accommodate prescription orthotics. In addition, they feature a steel shank to keep you going stong on the trail and to give these boots that extra backbone to last through more seasons.

Dunham Cloud Low Waterproof
This is another pair of low cut hikers for those who like the extra flexibility and freedom that comes from low cut hikers. They may look unassuming but they offer the modern hiker quite a few features that help them stand a cut above the rest. First off, they are very lightweight which is a bonus to some for long hikes, and they feature an aggressive tread for excellent traction. In addition, the uppers incorporate full grain leather for added durability and the soles have a fiberglass shank that is lightweight and strong.

Propet Preferred Ridge Walker Low
This pair of extra wide hiking boots offers a fair middle ground between low cuts and high topped shoes, for those who appreciate the best of flexibility and support. Though they are waterproof, they feature a suede and mesh upper so that your feet can stay dry and cool when the temperatures are on the up.

Propet Preferred Ridge Walker
Sometimes hiking takes you over rough, unforgiving terrain, and that can necessitate a higher degree of ankle support to prevent sprains and rolls. Even seasoned hikers can sometimes run afoul of bad conditions and the extra ankle support can be a bonus. These boots offer all of the benefits of the Ridge Walker Low boots but with extra ankle support for those that prefer it.

Propet Preferred Cliff Walker
This is another great pair of boots offering a fair amount of mid to high ankle support, but these boots offer much more than just that. They are also waterproof, which is necessary both in the summer and the winter, are lightweight to reduce fatigue and also feature a full leather upper for extra durability. The soles offer an aggressive tread to absorb shock and offer a lot of traction – these boots are designed to keep you comfortable on long hikes.

So visit today and get yourself a pair of extra wide hiking boots. It’s not just a matter of comfort – it’s a matter of support and health as well. Plus, with so many options for you to choose from in makes and styles, there’s no reason to delay. Visit their website and get yourself a quality pair of boots today.

For more information about Extra Large Socks and Extra Wide Work Boots Please visit : XL Feet.

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