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Percale Vs Sateen Sheets: Which Are The Best?

A Percale Vs Sateen Sheets is a type of bedsheets with a high thread count. The higher the thread count, the smoother and more luxurious the bedsheet will be. However, be aware that manufacturers artificially inflate the thread count by using more than one ply in the weaving process. Hence, high thread count sheets are often expensive, but do not buy them just to save money! 

The Pros Of Percale Sheets

Durable And Soft

Percale sheets have many benefits over sateen. They are durable and soft and you can wash them repeatedly. Thus making them ideal for people who prefer a crisp hand feel.  While percale will wrinkle and lose its crispness after repeated washings, it will still feel cool and crisp against your skin. Percale is also ideal for those who sleep hot. Many people prefer the softer, more durable feel of used percale sheets over sateen, which clings to the skin.

Great For Summer

Percale sheets are great for summer months and people living in hot climates. The lightweight feel is reminiscent of a button-down shirt. Percale sheets are breathable, making them ideal for warm climates. The sheets are also easy to clean. You can wash them on the machine and they will become even softer after each wash. In one word, percale is the ideal and comfortable sheet to sleep in. Unlike sateen sheets, you can dry percale sheets at home.  However, they are not suitable for sensitive fabrics such as silk.

The Cons of Percale Sheets

Not Suitable With People With Allergies

Percale sheets are not suitable for people with allergies or sensitivities to certain fabrics. While they are comfortable and crisp, they are also not as durable as other materials. Since they contain long cotton fibers, they are susceptible to pilling and breaking. You can weave these fibers together to form a soft surface.  However, they are not suitable for people with sensitive skin. The disadvantages of percale sheets should not discourage you from buying them.

Less Breathable

Percale sheets are generally made from 100 percent cotton. Some are made with a combination of cotton and synthetic fibers. These are usually warmer and less breathable, but they retain heat more efficiently. In addition to their lighter weight, percale sheets may not be the right choice for people who are sensitive to temperature. The most common fabric that manufacturers use for percale sheets is cotton. There are several variations of cotton, including Egyptian, Pima, and American Upland cotton.

 What Are Sateen Sheets?

If you are looking for quality bed linen, consider purchasing sateen sheets as they are very comfortable. These luxurious linens have a soft touch and are wrinkle-free. In addition, they’re breathable and crisp. The name sateen comes from the French word meaning “to veil.” They’re available in almost ten colors, with stripes, dots, and floral patterns. Buying sateen sheets from an online retailer will allow you to compare prices and buy from a store that is local to you.

The Pros Of Sateen Sheets

Can Trap Heat

The pros of sateen sheets are that they can trap heat and feel smooth at first. However, over time, snags may appear. Other fabrics, such as percale, can be made into sateen sheets. Sleepers use sateen sheets and percale sheets for different purposes. They both have similar textures, but sateen sheets are warmer than those made from other fabrics.

Warmer Than Percale Sheets

Another pro of sateen sheets is that they are warmer than percale or flannel. These higher thread counts make the sheets denser, trapping air against your skin. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be overheated with them, and they’re still breathable. Nevertheless, if you live in a warm climate, sateen sheets aren’t the best choice for summer nights.

The Cons Of Sateen Sheets

Not Suitable For All Decors

Satin sheets are expensive and are not suitable for all decors. Although the shine of these sheets is appealing, they do not suit every decor aesthetic. If you have a matte-finish decor, you may want to consider cotton sheets instead. The advantages of satin sheets outweigh the disadvantages. They are very breathable and can help you achieve a cool night’s sleep. However, it is important to note that the fabric used to make them is usually synthetic, which means they may be susceptible to fading and discoloration.


As a rule, sateen sheets are more expensive than their percale counterparts. It is also a good choice if you like to sleep in a cool climate and don’t mind a thicker, heavier fabric. However, you should take note of the cons of percale before purchasing a set of sateen sheets. The pros of sateen sheets outweigh their disadvantages, so you should choose the right one for you.

Wrinkles Easily

Another major disadvantage of sateen sheets is their tendency to pill and wrinkle. They should be properly laundered to ensure the best results. Otherwise, they will lose their beautiful look and feel. They also need regular care to avoid shrinking and pilling. The pros of sateen sheets over percale are listed below. It is important to note that sateen sheets have many benefits, but they also have disadvantages.

The Points Of Distinction Between Percale And Sateen Sheets

What Are The Differences Between Percale And Sateen Sheets? These sheets are similar in function, but they do have some significant differences. When buying sheets, you may wonder how to choose between percale and sateen. There are a few key differences between the two types of fabric, which is why we’ve put together this article. You’ll learn what these two types of fabric are made from, how they feel, and how to tell the difference between them. Sateen sheets are usually thicker and are more durable than percale. Generally speaking, percale sheets will last longer and will have a silk-like feel, while sateen will get better with age.

Machine washable

Machine washable percale sheets are a good option for people who do not have time to hand wash sheets. Machine-washing percale sheets ensure that they stay soft and clean longer. These sheets can be machine-washed in any household washing machine. However, they should not be washed too frequently since frequent laundering damages the material. It is better to line-dry them rather than wash them repeatedly. Synthetic percale sheet sets are widely available and affordable. However, you should consider buying cotton percale sheet sets instead. They have better quality and durability and maintain the original temperature.


The first thing you should know about percale and sateen sheets is their weave. The former is more resistant to wrinkling and wrinkles than the latter. Moreover, sateen is less abrasion-resistant than percale and requires more care. The thread count of each material also affects the feel and durability of the sheets. Thread count refers to the number of yarns per inch of material.


Percale sheets are made from threads that are twisted together to create a smoother surface than other types of bed sheets. These sheets are typically made of cotton, but some brands use multi-ply yarn to boost the thread count. Percale sheets can be made from different kinds of cotton, including Egyptian, Pima, and American Upland varieties. These sheets tend to be durable, and they retain their smoothness even after many washes.


Percale sheets have a crisp feel that feels smooth and cool to the touch. They layer beautifully and come in solid colors or floral or geometric prints. As with any other type of bedsheet, high-quality percale sheets will soften with use and washing. The cost of percale sheets may seem steep at first, but it’s worth it when you consider the quality and feel of these luxurious materials. A percale sheet will last for years, so it’s worth the investment.

Difference In Texture

Sateen and percale sheets have similar features, but their texture differs. Sheets are silky smooth and resistant to wrinkles, while percale sheets are crisp, breathable, and durable. Sateen sheets are more expensive than percale sheets but are ideal for a more casual bedroom setting. Sateen sheets are also ideal for those with sensitive skin.

The Thread Count

To make percale and sateen sheets most manufacturers use cotton as the main material. Both weaves have similar properties, but the differences are in the weave. The difference between percale and sateen lies in the thread count. The thread count of percale sheets is much higher than sateen, which means that they are breathable. Hence, those who need a cool night’s sleep, prefer percale sheets.

In Conclusion

While both types of sheets are comfortable, they differ in their durability and maintenance. Percale sheets tend to be more durable and can stand up to more washings than sateen. Sateen sheets are much easier to care for. You can wash them on a cold cycle and tumble dry them at a low temperature. Sateen sheets are also easier to care for than percale. Just remember to choose the one that works best for your skin type. Hence, high thread count sheets are often expensive, but do not buy them just to save money! 

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